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Boating is one of those things that is effortlessly turned into a perfect getaway. Boat rides can be romantic, adventurous, luxurious and yes, even lazy. But, be it a vacation, a fishing trip or tourism, one of the things you need to consider is the food. And while there are plenty of options, not all foods are created equal and you should take some time to consider this question before leaving the port. Thankfully, there are options to fit any taste and budget, so let us go over some of the boating tips for foodies to make your next boating experience even better!

The Basic Boating Tips for Foodies

First things first: when boating there are two major factors you need to take into consideration: hot big is your cooling storage and is reheating or cooking food an option? This may seem like an obvious question, but it is often forgotten none the less. Not every food can stand the heat and spoiled food can be troublesome to keep on the boat. So when renting a boat, always check the size of cooling storage, and if tools for reheating food are available. But fear not, even if there is no cooling or heating, we have the boating tips and experiences  as well as advice for some great snacks.

Easy Boating Snacks and Finger-Foods

There are a lot of snacks for boating. One of the best foods you can bring to a sunny day on a boat is frozen grapes. They are refreshing, hydrating and can serve as a small improvised cooling unit. Even when they defrost, they are still delicious. Pasta salads with oil-based toppings are a classic as they can be tasty, easy to digest and can take the heat! If you have a fridge on board, and there are boat rentals with cooling units, sandwich wraps are a great party boat snack because a lot of them can be made quickly and they are mess-free finger food. And with a marine grill, even hot dogs are a solid option.

Stay Hydrated With Delicious Drinks

Now, bringing water is a pretty basic thing and you can never have too much water on board. Homemade ice tea is also a refreshing way to rehydrate and keep your energy high. Try putting both water and tea in mason jars and pack them with frozen grapes to keep them cool. Of course, you can also bring sodas and alcohol to some boat rentals, but we strongly recommend you drink alcohol only if you’re no driving the boat. Luckily, if you rent a luxury yacht, you won’t have to think about heating, cooling and food preparation since you’ll have some our onboard chefs to do it for you!

Local Cuisines and Delights at Waterfront Restaurants

Waterfront restaurants are a real blessing because they are like drive-throughs and pit stops for hungry boaters. Like with any restaurant, it might take a little time to research the waterfront restaurants in the area, but it’s all about how it can turn great trips into perfect ones. Fine wine and dining is usually available close to the marina in larger port cities, but also consider the adventure of exploring fishing villages. While most will lack glamour, they can be very charming and rustic, giving you a stronger feel of the local people and culture behind the food. You can explore the best waterfront restaurants and dock up at them directly with your Boatsetter boat rental. We hope you enjoyed and learned something from these boating tips for foodies. Take good care, enjoy delicious boating meals and happy sailing!

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