A Look at Miami's Boating History

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A Look into Miami's Past

Because of its cultural diversity, business activities and splendid architecture, Miami has become a city that belongs to the entire world. Because of the 150 financial institutions that operate here and being one of the busiest ports in the United States, Miami has become one of the most important financial and commercial centers in the world. The boating history in Miami is also rich, and this destination has been consistently ranked amount the best boating cities in the world. Because of the beautiful landscapes and the enviable climate that it received throughout the year, many nationalities have decided to buy a property here,  either for vacations, business trips, or just for the exquisite sailing opportunities.

The Boating History in Miami

Miami has a long history in all aspects but people are especially proud of their Miami boating history. In fact, Miami just celebrated 90 years since the first time when boats were publicly shown in an exhibit here. Though the original idea was brainstormed in the early ’20, the business itself started before World War II. This period in the ‘40s changed the world order, and the boating industry has prevailed. The Americans found their way to present this branch to the world, and Miami became an important port of the United States. Actually, Miami was the only port at the time that had helped the development of the boating industry.

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Like any other industry in the world, the boating history in Miami started to grow in the after-war period. The figures spoke for themselves, and around 450, 000 boats were sold in a single year, which at the time was the average amount of boats sold during a ten year period. Now, the demand for boats started to become the biggest challenge. The workers started triple shifts in order to cope with the demand. A new product at the time was the fiberglass boat, a new type of boat that was an absolute hit in the industry and increased boat sales even further. Miami had so many things to show to the world, and the boating industry was booming.

The Flourishing Miami Boat Industry

The boating industry in the United States was at its peak in the ’60s and ’70. However, not only Miami dealt with this business. In order to remain one of the top ports and manufacturers at the time, they had to bring innovations. More material meant more money, but it wasn’t anything that Miami couldn’t cope with. In the following decades, Miami kept the status it had. The world economic crisis wasn’t mild, but the U.S. found its way through it and regained the power it originally had. The boating industry in Miami is one of the most flourishing ones at the moment, and that trend isn’t likely to fail.

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Nowadays, Miami is a top destination for everyone. Renting one of Boatsetter’s yachts can give you the boating experience Miami’s locals have been enjoying for decades. The south of Florida is an absolute marvel and you can enjoy jet skiing, snorkeling or swimming on places like Nixon’s Sandbar, where the former president’s “Winter White House” was located. Although the house is no longer there, the name remained the same. It is now a great gathering place for all the people who love water and watersports and an even better gathering spot for yacht parties!

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