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Your Guide to Renting a Boat Charter with Kids  

If you are looking for a great family activity that will provide countless hours of fun and excitement, then renting a boat charter and going on a boating trip with kids is the perfect solution. There are many types of boats you can rent on Boatsetter that will be suitable for kids, from yachts and catamarans all the way to pontoons and fishing boats. The offering varies depending on the location where you want to rent a boat with kids, but in general, you can choose from anything from activities like going sailing, cruising around on a speedboat or a family fishing trip. You can have a private time with your family and be the captain of your boat, or you can rent a boat charter that already comes with seasoned boating professional.

Safety Gear for Kids on a Boating Trip

Spending the day on the water is definitely a very fun activity but you should make sure that the kids know that safety always comes first. A lifejacket is a must for all kids aboard a boat, but you should lead by example and show them that wearing one is fun as well. You can also set up some ground rules like no running on the deck, no climbing on the railings, or having their legs overboard when they are unsupervised. Other boating safety tips for kids include making sure they know how to float and tread water, and not to panic if the waters are uneven, or the weather starts to change. If the boating safety gear for kids isn’t on them, you can stop the boat until they wear it.

What to Bring when you Go Boating with Children

If you ask yourself: “What to bring on a boating trip with kids?”, the easiest answer is - everything. A parent must be prepared in all eventualities, and that doesn’t change when you go on a boating trip with children. Having a fun day in the sun sounds marvelous, but you should bring hats, sunglasses and of course, sunblock. You can rent a boat charter with coolers or a whole kitchen if you want, or you can bring some snacks, juices, and treats for the best little boaters who follow the rules, along with some fresh fruit. It won’t hurt to bring a change of clothes, extra towels, underwear, and diapers as well if needed.

Fun Boating Activities for Kids

Kids need to be entertained, or they will easily get bored, but you’re in luck because there’s so much you can do aboard a boat with children. Some of the best fun boating activities for kids are watersports, snorkeling, and fishing. It’s a good idea to bring cards or a board game in case the weather spoils, or there’s light summer rain putting a pause on all the boating activities. Many of our boat rentals also have ladders, so you can go for a swim wherever you feel like anchoring up and diving in. If you have rented a slow cruiser, you put a captain’s hat on your kids and let them choose the course, under your watchful eye, of course. Some boat rentals come equipped with paddle boats, kayaks, and waterskiing equipment. So, what are you waiting for? Renting a boat is perfectly easy with Boatsetter, and you will have loads of fun for the whole family!

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