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Santa Catalina Island or just “Catalina” is one of California's Channel Islands. It's a very attractive tourist destination famous for its extraordinary wildlife, dive sites and Mt. Orizaba, its highest peak. If you are not someone who enjoys the heat too much, Catalina will be a paradise for you. With its mild Mediterranean climate that has warm, but not too warm temperatures all year round, it's an excellent destination any time of the year. This Island has so much to offer to its visitors that you may never want to leave. From its mesmerizing landscapes to so many activities available, it's difficult to say what the best thing about this island is, yet, its crystal blue waters might just be it, so renting a boat in Catalina is our definition of the perfect vacation!

Hop aboard a boat and go cruising around Catalina

Even though one of the most popular ways of exploring Catalina has been a trip on a Catalina ferry for a long time now, you can also rent a private boat and enjoy all the luxury and comfort in a close circle of friends and loved ones. With these luxurious boats, you will not only cruise Southern California in style, but you can also choose from the variety of activities that these boats offer. There are sunset cruises but also options for spending the night sleeping on the open waters of Catalina. Drop the anchor wherever you want and have a romantic eve in the privacy of your boat rental.

Explore Two Harbors

After cruising the waters and enjoying the beauty of the Californian coast and harbors, you may want to experience them from a different perspective. Rent a boat in Catalina and visit Two Harbors, the famous Catalina's resort village that is one of the must-see attractions of the island. Along the coast, there are over 700 moorings available in the protected coves and harbors waiting just for you. The village is so rustic and authentic that it attracts an insane amount of visitors every year and leaves each and every one of them in awe. It also offers a variety of activities for all generations like hiking, mountain biking, camping, etc., and it's truly a paradise for all outdoor lovers.

Become friends with dolphins and seals

Along with everything that Catalina has to offer, one of the unique experiences may be the chance to watch dolphins and seals in their natural habitat. With a boat rental in Catalina, you get the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Apart from them, you can also see whales and even sharks. The island is famous for the fact that great white sharks are occasionally seen and caught near Catalina, so if you're an adventurous type, this island is just for you. If you rent a boat with a captain, they will know the right spots where you can avoid the crowds and get the most out of your trip.

Organize your own event on the sea

If you are visiting Catalina for your birthday or anniversary, if you're celebrating a promotion or the new job, or if you just simply want to celebrate life, we offer the ultimate freedom and a way to pay homage to a thrilling life event. Rent a private boat at Catalina Island and throw an unforgettable party at sea for all of your guests. Boats are equipped with everything you may need for such occasions and we guarantee you will have the best celebration possible at a very affordable price. You can even get a luxurious yacht with a full crew that will help you man it. Whatever you choose, renting a boat in Catalina might just be the adventure you’re seeking!

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