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Whether it’s a hot summer day off the coast of Italy or a cool, autumn afternoon in Lake Michigan, there are few better ways to spend your day than with the perfect catamaran rental. Built for comfort and overnight stays, these boats which are known for being a more stable alternative to sailboats, give you the luxury of not depending too much on the wind while still fueling your adventure. With most catamarans, like the Helia 44, these boats provide comfortable cabins for overnight stays, so you can take them out on the lake for a day or spend a few nights on the water with family and friends.

Catamarans can go just about anywhere

Known for their steady and strong hulls, and coasting above the water, catamarans are built to go pretty much anywhere. While some adventurous souls take them on tours across the world, others like to use them to dock up everywhere from Mallorca to the Cannes Film Festival. One of the biggest differences between catamarans and sailboats is comfort. Catamarans are built to sustain bigger groups, can come with crews, and even have fully-stocked bars and grills to satisfy even the hungriest sailor. So whether you’re hanging out off the coast of Mallorca for a day or taking a 4-day trip through the Mediterranean, the perfect catamaran rental has got you covered.

Hang out on the catamaran and hit the sandbar for endless bliss

When you’re packing for your ultimate catamaran experience, you’ll want to be sure to pack some basic beach, swim, and loungewear. Since with a catamaran, your experience doesn’t just extend to the boat. You can always dock up on the sandbar and take a nice dip in the water or lay out on the beach for an afternoon in the sun. On that note, be sure not to forget sun protection and expect that you will always get wet. So a change of nice, dry clothes is always a smart move. You’ll also thank yourself for packing light later. After all, it’s a lot easier bringing aboard a small, waterproof duffel bag than a large suitcase.

Go fishing, take a dip in the water, or just take it easy

Since many catamarans are versatile, they can also support the ability to go fishing. So if you’re one of those wild anglers that also likes to cruise in comfort, you can toss your line into the water and fish for some of the best catches the water has to offer. And if fishing isn’t quite your thing, you can always hop off the boat and go swimming or hang out on an inflatable tube while you cool yourself down from the endless summer heat. All in all, catamarans are versatile vessels that are built for groups of all sizes while delivering exceptional speed and comfort. With the right catamaran rental from Boatsetter, the possibilities are endless.

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