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If you’re looking to hit the water with the ultimate fishing boat rental, there are few better options than taking out the perfect center console. Known for getting the job done and being designed with anglers in mind, these boats are perfect for taking out small groups or just angling solo. Since many come fitted with fish tanks, you can keep your catch and let it sizzle over a charcoal grill for dinner. No matter what your boating needs are, Boatsetter is here with our wide range of center console boat rentals to get you back on the water with your rod-in-hand.

There’s little you can't do with the perfect center console rental

Once you’ve found the perfect center counsel to rent it’s time to get packing. Be sure to bring some good ole’ sunscreen, waterproof clothes, and a hat to keep out the heat. After all, these boats are some of the smaller, faster boats on the water and while they’re built for fishing your chances of getting wet are pretty solid. With a Boatsetter center console boat rental, you can rent the boat with or without a captain. So if you want someone to bring the rods, handle the bait, and show you the ropes, than one of our captains is here to guide the way. If on the other hand, you’re already experienced and got your boating license, well it’s time for us to hand over the keys because the boat is all yours.

Center consoles aren’t just built for fishing, they’re built for speed

All in all, there’s a lot of places you can go with the right fishing boat rental. A center counsel is great for fishing in the bays but can also be used on the sea and lakes. While these boats have been a popular boat for anglers since as long as they’ve been around, they are picking up a lot of popularity as speedboats. That’s right. Speedboats. Due to their relatively small size and high horsepower, these little boats can cruise down the water at top speeds so you can get in some good water sports activities and even go water skiing or wakeboarding with the right center console.

Hit the sandbar and go for a nice cold swim

Once you’ve worn yourself out from being on the water all day, you can dock up at the sandbar and unpack that lunch you’ve been waiting for. You can drink some cold ones and bask in the afternoon sun. Because these boats usually come fitted with a back deck, you can easily get into and out of the water, so if you wanna cool down with a nice swim in the water than the perfect center console rental has you covered. Because of their size and simplicity, center consoles are also very easy to maintain and can be cleaned after a day on the water with some good towels and a water hose. So whether you’re looking to hit the bays and go fishing or just want a nice day out on the water to relax, Boatsetters got you covered with the perfect center console rental.

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