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A Yacht Charter Quick Start Guide

At Boatsetter we do one thing really well: connect people with boat rental and yacht charter trips. An affordable yacht charter is an ideal way to see the world and you’ve come to the right place to learn the basics of reserving a Boatsetter yacht charter. Are you all set to begin your affordable boat charter adventure, but just don’t know how to go about renting a boat or hiring a captain? Here are some ways of the best ways to get started with booking your Boatsetter boat rental.

Selecting an Appealing Destination

This can often be one of the best parts of your trip! The options are endless and range from charters within the United States to vacation spots, quite literally, on the other side of the world. Some of the most popular yachting destinations include:

·       Bahamas

·       British Virgin Islands

·       Croatia

·       Italy

·       Greece

·       French Riviera

·       Turkey

·       California

·       Florida

·       California

Deciding whether to hire a Captain and Crew

If you’re an experienced boater, you might not need a captain or crew on board your luxury yacht charter. However, you may choose to hire a captain or crew to alleviate some of your responsibilities on the boat. Some benefits of this include:

·       Local expertise and knowledge – your boat captain can share some of the best spots for water activities or dining.

·       Boat expertise – in the case of an emergency or some sort of mechanical failure, a captain can draw on his or her vast knowledge to fix the problem.

·       Emergency preparedness – yacht captains and crew are trained for emergency situations so while you might not be able to keep a cool head, they certainly will.

Activities: Knowing What to Expect on the Water

Your yacht charter is what you want it to be – that’s the best part. You can center your trip around fine dining, water activities, or sightseeing. We recommend a combination of all three! When you make your reservation, your captain and crew will likely ask about your vacation plans and/or goals. You may even fill out an activity sheet that will help the crew develop an itinerary. A few popular activities might include:

·       Snorkeling

·       Diving

·       Swimming

·       Kayaking

·       Sightseeing

·       Star gazing

·       Sunset/sunrise watching

·       Wakeboarding

·       Jet skiing

In addition, you should prepare for life on the water by following these tips:

·       Pack lightweight clothing for optimal protection from the sun without the heat.

·       Nighttime on a yacht charter can be chilly, so don’t forget a light jacket.

·       Make a list of “must-sees” to help your captain and crew tailor your vacation.

·       Ensure you will still enjoy the company of your sailing partners toward the end of the trip (boats are small places when someone is driving you crazy).

·       Be prepared to tip your captain and crew at the end of the trip. Learn more about when and how much to tip your crew.

Setting and Following a Realistic Budget

Yacht charters can be an affordable way to travel and vacation. The prices of yacht charters can vary depending on the following factors:

·       Duration of the charter

·       Location of the charter

·       Number of passenger

·       Captain and crew needs

·       Preferred activities

·       Beverage requests

While the initial yacht charter prices might seem high, they are not really if you divide that number by the total passenger count. So, for example, a yacht listed at $4,800 a week with a passenger count of 6 people amounts to $800 a person. Learn more about the costs of yacht charters.

Finding and Booking Your Yacht Charter

Boatsetter is the easiest way of finding and booking your yacht charter by searching our database of boat rentals and yacht charters until for your perfect boat. Reservations made through Boatsetter can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance and we only work with captains licensed by the United States Coast Guard.

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