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Waterfront Work Events

You may have never even considered it, but a corporate outing boat rental can serve as the perfect venue for your next corporate team building event (and other important events too). Big, medium, and small businesses alike can benefit greatly from the wide open space and entertainment options of a memorable boat ride. You will definitely stand out among your competitors for selecting a nontraditional venue to host your next corporate team building event. Your corporate outing boat rental could include:

  • Seasonal office parties – perhaps you’re celebrating the founding of the company or a weird holiday specific to your industry.
  • Promotional events – your product will never look better than on the deck of a boat rental!
  • Team building outings – although your team may already be cohesive, there is always room for improvement.
  • Client entertainment – a corporate outing boat rental is the perfect way to leave a lasting impression on an important client.
  • Holiday parties – thank your team for a year of hard work by planning a truly unique holiday party – no doubt they will appreciate the extra effort.
  • Vendor hosting – A private boat party definitely says “thank you” to your critical vendors with an exclamation point at the end.

Corporate Outing Boat Rental Functions

Every client, employee, have vendor has been to a conference room, restaurant or banquet room for an office celebration. Hosting a corporate outing boat rental can really spice things up for your guests, whether they be your own employees, important clients or crucial vendors. However, it is also important for you and your guests to pay attention to some basic boating tips to make the most of your amazing experience.

Impressive Views

We’ve never heard of a corporate outing boat rental with a bad view. Whether you are speeding down the river on a powerboat, headed out to sea in a yacht, cruising on the inlet in a small boat, or relaxing on the lake on a catamaran, you know the view will be refreshing and magical. For added benefits, secure your event in the evening so your guests get the benefit of watching the sun fade below the horizon.

Other fun company event ideas

Fine food is often part of the package on a charter or boat rental. When making your reservation, it is also necessary to consider whether the serving staff will be included in your corporate outing boat rental. There is also the option of spicing up the night with some entertainment (music or some type of show), which will add to the overall ambiance of your corporate team building event. In addition, the sun setting over calm water should provide plenty of conversation starters for your guests.

To put it simply, your corporate outing boat rental offers 24-hour cancellations, emergency tow service response and the ability to hire captain and crew. Rent a corporate boat today and stand out among your competitors!

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