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Encinitas is in the Southern part of California with harbors that jut into the Pacific Ocean at San Diego Bay, about 25 miles north of the city of San Diego. Whether you are looking for a thrilling boating adventure or a typical Encinitas activity, there is something for everyone. In addition to whale watching, snorkeling, swimming, and fishing, Encinitas offers surfing, skating and lounging around on some of the beaches. These are just a few of the special activities available to you.

Cast your Net for Warm Water Fishing

With your own charter, you can really make the most out of your trip to Encinitas by heading off the coast and enjoying a little fishing. Encinitas never really gets cold, which makes it an amazing place to enjoy warm water fishing throughout the year. Just off the coast of Ponto State Beach, lucky fishermen have been known to reel in some huge catches of spotted bay bass, halibut, tuna, calico bass, and more.

Catch Some Waves at Swami’s Reef and Beyond

It’s not enough just to enjoy the sun and the sand. Encinitas is very popular with surfers because of its awesome waves. Even bad days here are better than nearly anywhere on the East Coast. For this reason, there are few better places to learn how to surf than here. To best part is, you can cruise on over with your Encinitas boat rental and see what it’s all about. Encinitas Surfboards has many great instructors if you are looking for a private lesson. Known as one of the world’s best surfing locations, Swami’s Reef, or simply Swami’s, is very popular. From wakeboarding to surfboarding, you will always find someone aboard aboard hoping to catch that perfect wave. During its quiet times, the reef is a relaxing spot to anchor down with your own charter and really enjoy the cool ocean breeze.

Spend the Day at the Beach with Your Boat Rental

You don’t really go to the beach in San Diego. Instead, many locals enjoy the amazing beaches of Encinitas. The king of them all is Moonlight Beach which is near downtown and features stunning white sands, great surfing and swimming conditions, volleyball courts and more. Cruise on over with your Boatsetter boat rental and anchor up in this paradise. The beach area is well equipped for both children's and adults' recreation. If you are looking for something a little quieter, you can head to Stone Steps which is just a short walk from some of the best coffee shops in town.

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