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Treat Dad to the Perfect Father's Day, on a Boat Rental

With June just at our doorstep, people are looking for creative ways to spend some quality time with their dads on Father’s Day! From the time he wakes up to the moment the sun is setting, you can make sure your dad has the best day of his year from beginning to end. Whether it’s breakfast in bed or fishing out on the open water, we got you covered from ship to shore. To give you some ideas on what the perfect Father’s Day might look like, we’ve created this useful guide you can use to ensure your father never forgets his favorite holiday in 2019.

Everybody loves breakfast in bed

You can start off the morning by cooking up a storm of your father’s favorite bacon and eggs and serve it to him right from the comfort of his own bed. You’ll want to pour a nice fresh glass of orange juice or a cup of coffee because he’s gonna need it! Of course, breakfast in bed is only the start, and little does he know you’ve got more to come. Much more.

Pack a cooler full of your dad’s favorite craft beer

Since Father’s Day falls right in the middle of June, chances are the weather is gonna be spectacular. On a nice, hot June day there’s nothing that says, “I love you,” more than packing up a big ice chest full of your dad’s favorite beer. You can even go the extra mile and pack some craft beers he’s never tried before.

Rent a fishing boat or speedboat and enjoy the day on the water

Now that you’re dad’s got some good ole’ food in his belly and you’ve packed a cooler full of his favorite beers, it’s time to rent a boat for Father’s Day and hit the water in style. Whether your dad is the fishing type or just likes to relax on the boat, with the wind in his hair, our boat rentals got you covered. Since many of our boats come with captains, you and your dad can enjoy those beers onboard as your personal captain guides you along the way.

Dock up at a nearby restaurant and enjoy the local cuisine

Now that you’ve been out on the water all day, fishing and kicking back some ice cold beers, it’s time to cruise the boat on over to a nearby marina and dock up at one of the seafood restaurants. From fried catfish to buffalo wings, you can have a nice relaxing evening with your dad and admire the look on his face, knowing that you made his day the best day of the year with your exquisite Father’s Day plans.

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