Fire Island, New York’s Best Kept Secret

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Fire Island, New York

Right off the south shore of Long Island lies a little New York getaway called Fire Island. The center island of the outer barrier islands, this little stretch of paradise is a haven for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax on the water for a few days. Stretching over 31 miles long and surrounded by water on every side, Fire Island is the perfect place for beach and boating enthusiasts alike. Here, you can rent everything from speed boats to yachts and enjoy a side of New York that many people don’t even know exists. So whether you’re looking to relax in comfort for a few nights on the water, or go fishing with your friends and family, there’s little you can do with the perfect Fire Island boat rental.

Charter a yacht with a captain and see all of Fire Island’s secret communities

If you’re really looking to explore all the hidden communities of Fire Island in style, then you should definitely consider renting one of our yachts. Whether you’re renting a yacht to celebrate a company anniversary or your best friend’s wedding, you can cruise South Bay in luxury few people have experienced in their lifetime. From Ocean Beach to Sailor’s Haven you can cruise along some of Fire Island’s best-kept secrets while dining on the boat and popping bottles of champagne. You can pick a community and stay in their marina for the night while you sleep like a baby on some of the yacht’s nice warm beds.

Jump aboard a fishing boat and get some angling in

Now that you’ve spent a day or two on one of the best yachts New York has to offer, it’s time to change vessels and unleash the angler inside of you. With a boat fishing rental from Boatsetter, you can take your Fire Island boat rental out on the water and fish for the areas well-known winter flounder and black sea bass. Of course, you have the option of renting out the boat yourself if you have a boating license or you can also rent a boat with a captain included. With the right captain, you can rest assured that your boating adventure will take you to the most secluded places on Fire Island and allow you to cast your line where only the best fish are biting.

Dock up at Sailor’s Haven for some cold drinks and fine dining

After a long day out on the water, it’s time to rest and dive head first into Fire Island’s most secluded and fancy communities. At Sailor’s Haven, you can dock up your Fire Island boat rental at Sailor’s Haven Marina where you’ll have plenty of restaurants in the area to satisfy your most elegant culinary needs. You will also have access to electricity and clean drinking water. If you have a bit of extra time, you can also take a few hours and explore the Sunken Forest, which is home to some of the islands most exotic and well-known species.

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