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The Types and Purposes of Different Fishing Boats

You might have noticed that there is a wide range of boat rentals available. The style of the boat actually does matter and affect the way the boat is intended to be used. When purchasing or renting a fishing boat, you should consider what your main activities will be. Are you cruising? Are you fishing? Or, perhaps a combination of both? You should also consider what type of water you will be boating on. The three main categories for fishing boat types include:

  •     - Cruising boats – these have amenities like cabins and restrooms to make boaters comfortable for a day or overnight trip on the water.

  •     - Fishing boats –these have an open cockpit and offer more deck space.

  •     - Watersport boats – these have towing capabilities and go much faster than cruising or fishing boats.

Below we’ve outlined some of the different types of fishing boat rentals that are available.

Bass Boats

Bass boats generally have a low profile and a V-shaped hull, which makes them defter, especially in shallow water. Bass boats usually carry up to three people and range in size from 16 to 26 feet.

Center Console Boats

On center console boats, the steering mechanism is in the center of the boat. Center console vessels are single deck and designed for both fresh and saltwater activities. Center console boats range in size from 18 to 48 feet.

Sport-Fishing Boats

This is the type of boat you need if your main goal is big game fishing (dolphin, marlin, swordfish, etc). These boats are usually large enough to accommodate several boaters overnight because they range in size from 38 to 100 feet.

Aluminum Fishing Boats

These boats feature an aluminum hull. They are often used for freshwater fishing and are lightweight and easy to transport. Most aluminum fishing boats can be found in narrow inlets and canals. The length of an aluminum fishing boat ranges from 8 to 24 feet.

Walkaround Boats

A walkaround boat is a center console-type vessel that usually features steps to access the forward deck and sometimes has a cabin or two on the boat. The size range of these boats is from 18 to 28 feet long, making them ideal for outings with large groups of people.

Fish & Ski Boats

This model is an especially popular type of boat for families. Fish and ski boats feature a sun pad area that can convert into a fishing platform. These type of boats generally range in size from 16 to 22 feet and they are designed to meet the needs of all types of water sport enthusiasts.

No Need to Buy a Fishing Boat, Rent One Instead

There are many more types of boats on the market. If you’re trying to decide which boat might be the best long-term option for your family, Boatsetter can help you find boat rentals. Before purchasing a boat, you can use Boatsetter to test our different types of vessels in order to determine what might be the best fit for you. It’s easy to make a reservation and it is refundable up to 24 hours before the date of departure.

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