Florida’s Top 5 Waterfront Restaurants to Visit in 2019

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You’re Guide to the Finest Cusine Hotspots Florida has to Offer

When it comes to dining out in Florida, there’s an endless amount of culinary decisions you’ll need to make and we think that’s a good problem to have! Known for having an influence of southern comfort food from the deep south, Cuban specialties, and a fusion of Latin American foods, Florida has the perfect blend of both local and exotic cuisine. Oh, not to mention seafood! Because of it’s close proximity to the water as a peninsula, the range of fresh seafood in the Sunshine State is unbelievable. 

So whether you’re looking for a deep-fried shrimp, hole-in-the-wall from your Fort Lauderdale boat rental, freshly caught mackerel from the Gulf of Mexico, or some delicious tamales from across the Atlantic, Florida is the perfect culinary destination for any adventurer. Once you’ve boarded your Florida boat rental, chances are you’re gonna get hungry fast and nothing beats filling up at one of Florida’s well-known waterfront restaurants. To make the most of your culinary adventure on Florida’s waterfront, we’ve compiled this useful restaurant guide, courtesy of Boatsetter.

Sea Hags Bar & Grill, St. Petersberg

For those of us, that like a good ole sports bar and some less-than-casual dining than Sea Hags Bar & Grill is the place to be when it comes to waterfront restaurants in St. Petes. Located right on the water, you can dock up with your St. Petersberg boat rental and hop aboard land for some seriously scrumptious fried grouper and chicken fajitas. Top that off with one of the biggest margaritas you’ve ever seen and you’re in for the ride of a lifetime.

Alabama Jacks, Key West

No Key West trip is complete without a visit to Alabama Jacks in Key Largo. Beloved by locals and visitors alike for their unique, friendly atmosphere and conch fritters this waterfront restaurant is full of good vibes and delicious food. Known for their weekly live music sets and all-around breezy vibe, this is the perfect sport to cruise on over to with your Key Largo boat rental.  

Cafe Dufrain, Tampa Bay

If a warm ambiance with great global cuisine is what you're looking for after a long day out on the water with your Tampa Bay fishing boat rental, then Cafe Dufrain has you covered. Nestled up just next to the marina, this local eatery is known for serving up some seriously delicious homemade biscuits with honey and pecan pie. But if seafood is what you desire, you can delight your tastebuds with their king crab or freshly caught lobster.

La Tub, Fort Lauderdale

Consistently ranked amongst one of the best waterfront restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, La Tub is known for serving up some of the best hamburgers in Florida. Acknowledged by GQ Magazine for having the best hamburgers in town and a quirky atmosphere, this eatery has been delighting customers with its larger-than-life side dishes and incredible tasty deserts. Cruise on over with your Fort Lauderdale boat rental and delight your belly.

Bayfront Marine House, St. Augustine

When it comes to fine dining in St. Augustine, it’s hard to compete with the Bayfront Marine House. With everything from sauteed lobster to fresh mussels and oysters caught straight from the coast, you can rest assured that you and your crew are in for a culinary treat. Dock up with your St. Augustine boat rental after a long day of water sports and fishing and enjoy some of the best seafood on this side of the Sunshine State.

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