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The Best of Florida's Beaches

With endless sunshine and beaches that line the peninsula, there’s a reason why the beautiful state of Florida is called the “Sunshine State.” All the way from the Panhandle with boating havens like Destin, down to Miami’s Biscayne Bay, there’s enough coastline and beaches to give the entire country a spot in the sand. So whether you're looking to hit the beach and go fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, or just want to rent a sailboat in Sarasota, Florida’s endless beaches are waiting to be explored by you and your crew. To give you a little guidance along the way, Boatsetter has compiled a list of the best Florida beaches out there and what makes them so spectacular.

There’s Florida, and then there’s Fort Lauderdale

With uncluttered stretches of sand and young people and families alike lining its coastline, Fort Lauderdale Beach is the perfect place for a nice little getaway. Whether you’re looking to lay back on that soft, white sand or hit the water with a boat rental, there’s no better place than Fort Lauderdale to beat the crowds and take in the sun. With a Fort Lauderdale boat rental, you can experience all Fort Lauderdale has to offer, from deep sea fishing to water skiing and wakeboarding.

Palm Beach, ain’t too shabby either

Just a bit north of Fort Lauderdale is the stunning Palm Beach with its palm trees that line the beaches and its well-known tropical atmosphere. Known for its glitzy condos and extravagant nightlife, Palm Beach is also home to the Palm Beach Municipal Beach, one of Florida’s cleanest and most beloved beaches. With warm weather and the perfect Palm Beach boat rental, you can hit the water in style and take in all this little Floridian paradise has to offer. You can even hop off the back of the boat, and take a nice, cool dip in the water.

Destin is the “worlds luckiest fishing village”

Up in the Panhandle, lies perhaps the biggest fishing town in the world. Destin, known for its abundance of fishing boats and guided tours, is home to some of the best anglers in the country. With its pristine beaches and popularity, this destination is a terrific place to take the family for a week-long getaway. Known for its Destin Harbour Boardwalk, there’s no better place to hop aboard a boat with a Destin boat rental and admire all this beautiful coastline has to offer.

Rent a sailboat and sail from Sarasota to Fort Myers

Just below Tampa, on Florida’s southwestern coast, lie the beautiful cities of Fort Myers and Sarasota, both known for their spectacular beaches and waterside views. Because of their close proximity to each other, you can rent a sailboat in Sarasota and sail all the way down to Fort Myers in the course of a day. With your Sarasota boat rental, you can even anchor up on the nearby sandbars and take in the view of the spectacular coastline that lines this fair side of Florida. Once you’ve docked up in Fort Myers, it’s time to leave behind the sailboat for a speedboat with your Fort Myers boat rental, so you can get in on good ole’ wakeboarding and waterskiing.

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