The Top 7 NMMA Boat Shows Every Boater Should Attend in 2020

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Our Guide to the Best Boat Shows in the U.S. 

NMMA, the world’s largest producer of boat and sports shows manages 18 shows each year across the U.S. in some of the biggest and best cities in the country and they’re not stopping anytime soon. With each year they only get more amped up and ready to dazzle. So whether you’re a boat manufacturer looking to get your new line of center consoles in front of some hungry consumers or a boating enthusiast that’s eager to see the hottest new boats out on the market, then 2020 is the year for you. To make the most out of your NMMA boat show season, we’ve compiled this useful guide to the boat shows every serious boater should be attending in 2020, courtesy of Boatsetter.

Miami International Boat Show, February 13th - 20th

Perhaps the most well-known of all the NMMA boat shows, the Miami International Boat Show will take place on the southern tip of the Sunshine State from February 13th - 20th, 2020. Held in Miami Marine Stadium Park and Basin Miami, this boating event will include everything from sectors related to boat construction, motor boats, maritime boats, and boating sports. With sponsors like Yamaha and Porche, you can expect to see some of the most groundbreaking, new innovations in boating technology. So dock up your Miami boat rental and head over to the show after a long day at Haulover Sandbar!

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Tampa Boat Show, September 6th - 8th

Come September, it’s time to head on down to Tampa, Florida for the Tampa Boat Show. Known as being one of the hottest of the Florida NMMA boat shows, 2020 is gonna be the year from some serious entertainment. If you're an avid angler and want to attend fishing seminars from some of the best anglers in the world, then there’s gonna be plenty of fishing seminars for you to attend. You’ll also get the once in a lifetime chance to witness the fourth generation, World Champion Miss GEICO, a 50-ft. Victory catamaran made of carbon and kevlar that is powered by a 1650 RACE Mercury racing engines which can generate a whopping 3,300 in horsepower and reach speeds up to 200 mph, flying down the water. Now, that’s what we call a boat!

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Atlanta Boat Show, January 16th - 20th

Nothing says, “Hotlanta” like a good ole boat show to rock the Georgian capital. With everything from seminars on the latest advancements in boating to live music concerts, there’s little you can’t do at the Atlanta Boat Show. Taking place as one of the earlier NMMA shows in 2020, the event will hosts everything from family events to a concert by Frankendread. On Thursday, the first day of the event, you can, “Be the first to see the best of the best in new boats and the latest marine products of 2019.” And to make it even better, the Marine Trade Association of Metro Atlanta is offering FREE admission on Thursday, Jan 10th. Also, if you’re traveling with the family, your kids will be able to enjoy a new event called, “Nautical Story Telling,” where they’ll be able to learn about maritime history and the industry we’ve all come to love.

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Chicago Boat, RV, and Sail Show, January 8th - 12th

Unlike most auto shows, at the Chicago Boat, RV, and Sail Show you can actually buy a boat. If you see a model you like, you can search for the same model in the area on Boatsetter and take it out for a spin to see if it meets your criteria for a great boat. There are also plenty of seminars and educational classes, for everyone from boating experts to beginners. With more than 150 hours of sailing seminars, you can hear from sailing experts and learn the ropes on what it takes to make a great sailor. There are also plenty of activities for the kids and a beach bar and cantina on sight, you can rest assured that there’s something to do for the whole family.

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Nashville Boat Show, January 9th - 12th

It’s time to head over to Nashville and we aren’t talking about the honky-tonk! Taking place at Music City Center, the Nashville Boat show will have everything from flash sales on boats to the chance to meet one of country music’s biggest rising stars. On Super Thursday, you can take advantage of one-day-only special offers on a wide variety of boats and marine products throughout the show. You’ll also have the chance to meet the country musician Walker Hayes, who is riding the wave of success after releasing his single “90’s Country”. Later in the week, there will be a wing eating contest, so be sure to make an appearance and cheer on your friends!

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New York Boat Show, January 22nd - 26th

The New York Boat Show in the Big Apple will kick off at Javits Center during the last week of January, and you’ll be able to dive headfirst into the world of boating, from sailing all the way to fishing. Just like the Nashville Boat Show, all the one-time deals for boat purchases will take place on Thursday, so don’t miss out on your chance to snatch up one of these beauties before they go off sale. Just like the Tampa Boat Show, you’ll also be able to see the World Champion Miss GEICO is a 50-ft. Victory catamaran that can go as fast as 200 mph fly down the water at top seeds which is something you’re likely to only see once in a lifetime. There will also be a build-a-boat workshop for kids, where they will learn to make miniature-sized boats that they can keep as a show souvenir.

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New England Boat Show, February 8th - 16th

The New England Boat Show will take place in the second week of February at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center with events ranging from SailFest to a virtual boating trainer exhibition. With SailFest you can, “See, board and explore sailboats from 8’ to 46’.” You can also get an inside look at the newest sailing equipment on the market and snag some killer deals on the opening day of the boat show. The show will also host the kids touch-a-boat tour which features actual working vessels from the NYFD and a wide variety of recreational boats throughout the showroom floor so kids of all ages can climb aboard, talk to captains, get a selfie at the helm, and learn the ropes of life on the high seas.

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