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Just south of Miami in the Atlanta Ocean is a collection of more than 700 islands known as the Bahamas. From exotic areas like Nassau and Bimini and the Exumas, this coral-based archipelago is home to some of the best on water experiences in the world. Surrounded by some of the most crystal clear blue water on earth, these islands are the perfect locations to go snorkeling and scuba diving. With the perfect Bahamas boat rental, you can island hop across this incredible archipelago from Grand Bahama Island all the way to the Exumas. You can rent a yacht, a sailboat, or a fishing boat and enjoy all this beautiful piece of paradise in the Atlantic has to offer.

Rent a catamaran and head out to the Exumas

With the perfect catamaran boat rental, you can island hop in style and since the Exumas in the Bahamas consists of over 350 islands, you’re gonna need it! Since our catamarans are built for luxury and comfort you can spend days or even weeks out in the Bahamas going from island to island and visiting all of the secret cays this beautiful region has to offer. You can anchor up at Stocking Island and get in on some serious snorkeling action. Since many of our Bahama boat rentals come with snorkeling gear, you can jump in the water and see all the way to the bottom of many of the areas coral reefs.

Head out to Berry Island for some fishing

Known as “The Fishbowl of the Bahamas,” Berry Island is some to some of the Bahamas most exotic aquatic species. Covering about thirty square miles of the northwestern part of the Out Islands, this area is home to some of the best big game fishing in the world. With everything from king mackerel to tuna and billfish, this is the perfect place to go deep sea fishing with your Bahamas boat rental. And since many of the islands in the area are uninhabited, you can anchor your boat at one of the cays and have the entire island to yourself!

Island hop right over to Bimini for some fun in the sun

The westernmost district of the Bahamas is occupied by Bimini, a chain of islands fifty miles east of Miami. Since Bimini consists of three major islands: North, East, and South Bimini Island, there is plenty of room for island hopping with your Bahamas boat rental. You can use some of the jetskis that are attached to the catamaran and fly down the water in style from island to island as that warm Bahama sun sets on your shoulders.

Feast your eyes on Grand Bahama Island

Known as being the fourth largest island in the Bahamas, and located only 52 miles from Palm Beach, Florida, Grand Bahama Island is home to many of the Bahama’s best beaches and cays. You can take your Bahama’s boat rental and head over to Gold Rock Beach, an extremely picturesque natural park and beach where you can admire the beautiful cliffs and rock formations that hang above the Atlantic Ocean. You can even anchor up and enjoy some fun in the sun on the boat.

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