The Ultimate La Jolla Dining Guide

Find the best places to eat in La Jolla

Set Sail

Whether you are looking for some great tacos down by the beach, Indian just off the shore or to host your own boatside wine tasting, there are some incredible dining options in La Jolla. We are going to give you some the top places that you have to check out so you ready to slip off your ship and right into the table of your choice!

The Top Spot: The Marine Room

You have to work hard to find a bad review of this great restaurant! The Marine Room is everything you are looking for in La Jolla Dining. It is right against the shore and you watch the waves crash against the side the shore.

As you are on the West Coast, there is no better place to enjoy the sunset than here with a cocktail and one of the signature appetizers. The restaurant truly takes seaside dining to the next level.

Great for Your Daytime Cruise: The Fish Market

With so many great places to explore with a boat rental in the area, you are going to want to slip into a few other places than La Jolla. Just south in San Diego is The Fish Market, one of a small regional chain of restaurants known for their incredible seafood.

Located right inside the harbor, the fish doesn’t have to travel far to get to your table. The Smoked Pacific King Salmon is truly out of this world. They also have great seasonal specials with locally sourced ingredients that are truly unbelievable!

A Taste of South of the Border: Rigoberto’s

Rigoberto’s is a great spot for a quick bite. If you are looking for authenticity, good prices and great food, then head here for some of the best in La Jolla dining. This is one of the best spots after you have spent the whole morning out on the sea and are ready for a relaxed atmosphere and hang out with surfers and other locals. Try out the California Style Burrito which features beef, french fries, sour cream, guacamole and other tasty ingredients!

Evening Cocktail: Club Marina

If you have already headed down to San Diego for lunch, then stick around for a cocktail at Club Marina. Club Marina dubs itself as San Diego’s oldest and greatest dive bar. It is truly a great spot where you park you boat nearby and slip into its old school nautical-themed atmosphere.

Just because it’s has a little history doesn’t mean they don’t serve up a good cocktail. These bartenders know every trick in the book and can make you some great local favorites.

Your Own Style

La Jolla Dining doesn’t get any better than cooking up some of your catch of the day. With your boat rental, you can head out to sea and find sea bass, tuna, salmon (depending on the season), marlin and a wide variety of great catches.

The best way to make the most out of your boat rental is to grill it up and throw a little party on your boat. So enjoy all that La Jolla has to offer and get ready to eat and drink in style!


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