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You should not be surprised if you visit Mauritius and are so lost in its beauty that you forget your meals. Of course, the sheer location of Mauritius and its natural beauty make it nothing less than heaven on earth. However, you can’t enjoy for too long if your tummy is not full. And when it comes time to dock your rental boats and have some food, your options are not limited. Here are some of the most famous restaurants for a memorable Mauritius dining experience. They are known not only for their delicious food but great service and spectacular scenic views.

La Chaumiere Masala

Located in the beautiful hills of Ile aux Cerfs Island, this is probably the only restaurant in the region offering you pure Indian food in pure Indian style. One way to get here is through a boat that brings you to the island while passing through the beautiful Trou d’Eau Douce Bay. Tree-top canopies serve as the roof and ceiling of the restaurant making it not only unique but also giving it a refreshing atmosphere as you eat under the shade of those canopies.

The word masala is an Indian word used to describe spices in the region. One of the starters you must try is crispy samosas. Kids and adults can both enjoy Gulab jamans to make their Mauritius dining sweeter than ever.

Le Suffren Hotel and Marina

Le Suffren Hotel is a part of Indigo Group. If you want to have great views of the sea while partying, le Suffren hotel is the place to go. In its surroundings you get the views of the Port-Louis harbor. This is a perfect place for people to loosen up the tension of their minds. To make the most of Le Suffren hotel, you would want to visit it On the Rocks lounge bar. The Brazilian barman at the bar is known for his personality and is one of the reasons why people visit this place over and over.

In addition to being a great Mauritius dining experience, On the Rocks is also a great place to dance to some upbeat music with your friends and make some new ones. A fun way to get to this destination is to take a boat ride from Caudan Waterfront mall.

The Bay Restaurant

Taking your Mauritius dining to a whole new level is The Bay Restaurant that can be accessed by road or boats. They offer European and Cajun cuisine, and probably the best atmosphere while dining in the region. Things you want to try at The Bay Restaurant include the cheesecake, seafood pasta, smoked marlin and spring rolls. The good thing is that they open early in the morning and close at night so you can enjoy breakfasts, lunches and dinners here. Gluten free options are available and so is the free Wi-Fi.

In addition to these amazing Mauritius dining restaurants, if you are looking for some great boat rentals, boat rental activities, private charter boat trips, take a look at our boat rental post. Also check out some great activities in Mauritius to enjoy your trip.

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