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The Mediterranean Sea is one of the seas of the Atlantic Ocean that connects southern Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa. This region was of enormous historical importance for western civilization, as it was the main scene of the development of numerous cultures, such as Greco-Roman, Phoenician, Egyptian and Hebrew. The best way to explore this destination in full is to set sail on the Mediterranean sea on a yacht charter and enjoy the most popular sites, such as Barcelona or Ibiza. Have a week-long trip on your catamaran rental and don’t forget that it’s never about reaching your destination in the shortest amount of time but enjoying the journey.  

Sail to the Coast of Barcelona

The coasts that are splashed by the Mediterranean Sea are stunning, especially when you consider that it connects the coasts of Spain, France, Italy, and several African countries. However, the Mediterranean crowning jewel will always be bustling Barcelona. Start your adventure by having a boating vacation in Barcelona and you will see its beauty for yourself. The city lures tourists with its proud culture, buildings, and history. It is arguably the most attractive place in Europe for tourists. Just imagine spending the starry night on your boat rental, looking at the city lights from afar. When the morning comes, sail on the coast of this Catalan city. We recommend that you spend at least 2 days here, out of your 7-day catamaran trip. 

Visit Ibiza by Night

Next on the itinerary should be Ibiza. If you are a fan of adventure, fabulous parties, and sunny beaches, Ibiza is the place you have to visit. Located around 90-miles from Valencia, this island is known for the non-stop boat parties and great nightlife. There are many things to do in Ibiza apart from clubbing and you can always go sailing and snorkeling. Awe in the beauty of Ibiza Cathedral from your boat and then visit Playa d’en Bossa. You can also take your Boatsetter boat rental and sail around the isle at night. The bright lights from the clubs and music from the beaches will enchant you. Indeed, Ibiza looks like a modern fairy tale where miracles happen. 

Have Dinner on a Catamaran in France

Nothing ends a perfect day better than a Mediterranean dinner on a rented catamaran while you sail around French Riviera. You can also choose to dock up on a waterfront restaurant and go back to your boat after you finish the most exquisite treat for your palate. Dishes here are mostly comprised of meat and cheese and you can always pair it with a glass of wine. So, grab your loved one by the hand, enjoy the romantic music and slow dance on the deck. 

Go Diving in Sardinia 

When you had enough of boat parties in Ibiza and frolicking along the shores of France, you can take a day off to recuperate and set sail to Italy. Splash around the warm waters of Sardinia and go diving if you are looking for adventure. For those who love to explore the vast waters, Sardinia is a great diving site. The Mediterranean Sea is crystal clear and hosts an exceptional array of fish, corals, and other marine life species. The dancing seaweed and corals will welcome you to the underwater adventure. The overall experience will be amazing. Just make sure to take a lot of pictures to remember the most romantic, activity-filled catamaran sailing trip across the Mediterranean Sea you ever had.

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