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A Day Out on a Pontoon Boat Rental

When the sun is shining, there are few things more rewarding than hitting the water with a pontoon boat rental. Pontoons, known for their large, flat decks which are mounted atop at least two tubes, or “pontoons” are renowned for their buoyancy. Because they are able to hold weight and cruise so freely, the options for what you can do with a pontoon are endless. Some pontoons are for fishing, some for leisure, heck, some even come with fully-stocked bars. Amazingly, with new advances in design, some pontoon boats come strapped with as much as 900-horsepower, meaning you can leave the other boats in the dust, or should we say water. No matter your pontoon needs, Boatsetter is here for you and so we’ve compiled this guide to lead you along the way for what to expect when renting a pontoon boat.

If you’re looking for some excitement, rent a pontoon boat

First of all, pontoon boat rentals are exciting. Very exciting. Whether your an experienced angler looking to hit the lake for some relaxed fishing or a big family that just wants to enjoy the sun, pontoon boats are here to satisfy your demands for a boat while meeting your desires. Since pontoons have plenty of space and are built for comfort, these boats are perfect for taking out the family. Since many come with tables, they’re also wonderful for enjoying a nice picnic on the boat or hosting a small celebration amongst friends. Pontoons are also great for families with small kids since they come fitted with a back deck, so the young ones will be able to safely go swimming while an adult can wait for them in the back.

From wakeboarding to water skiing, pontoons deliver the goods

Pontoon boat rentals are also a fantastic way to enjoy water sports of all sorts. For avid water skiers and amateur wakeboarders alike, there’s no better way to take your water sports skills to the next level than with a pontoon boat rental near you. After a little sport and recreation, you can use the pontoon boat to sit back and relax or celebrate those warm summer holidays like the Fourth of July. You can even watch fireworks from the water with your friends and family. And as we all know, fireworks are at their most extravagant when seen from the water. From the sandbars to the lakes, and and even out to sea, these wonderful boats can go just about anywhere that demands leisure.

A full enclosure is the perfect addition to your pontoon rental

Some pontoon boat rentals even have full enclosures, so you can enjoy the water year-round. If you’re looking to go fishing in the winter and need some dry space or just need a little extra shade in the summer to cool down after a long summer day, a pontoon rental with an enclosure is the perfect pontoon for you. There’s also the longevity. Since pontoons are built almost entirely of aluminum, they’re built to last and even after fifteen years, can still deliver the goods. So if you’re looking to rent a boat that’s safe for the family, provides plenty of space for everyone to enjoy themselves, and want to relax in luxurious fashion on the water, than a pontoon boat rental is perfect for you!

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