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Keep Your Friends Close And Their Boats Closer

After all the challenges that each day brings, sometimes you just want to spend time relaxing with friends. Rafting beats all the battles with big game fish, all the beauties of the open sea and the winds it brings to a sailor, and all the thrill of finding the perfect way to cut the waves. And you know what that means. If you like it, you should do it properly! Rewards may come along sooner than you think, whether in the form of a fellow sailor who made a bit too much food, or a new friend for life. That’s why we’ve prepared this handy collection of tips and tricks for all the first-timers.

When You Keep Your Boat Safe, You Keep Everybody Safe

The most important thing to have for rafting up are good quality lines and fenders. Fenders, so that your boats don’t collide and you keep them in tip-top shape, and lines, so the boats are cozily tied up to each other because your party boat rental floating away in the middle of a get-together can ruin your evening. So, put your fenders in place before you start anything, and keep your lines close to you. Second of all, think of rafting up as if it’s parallel parking. You should take it slow and easy for the best results. Next off, the anchor needs to be well-placed. And a general thing worth remembering is that you should raft up with boats of similar size to yours to let the fenders do their job in the best possible way. Last, but not least, when you raft up and the party starts, you should have your boat shoes on for your own safety.

Rafting Up Do’s and Dont’s

Now that you know how to raft up to other boats, here’s some general etiquette. Since you will have to untie all the lines and drive your boat away after the get together is done, take care of how much alcohol you’re ingesting. Not only will you have to drive your party rental boat sober but you should also be mindful of swimmers and divers in its proximity. You should be mindful of other people’s boats and take care when going to anchor the boat, which is, just so you know, usually the biggest one and situated in the middle of the raft up. Don’t enter other’s chambers without explicit permission or invitation. Remember that they wouldn’t like unknown people roaming in your sleeping room just as much as you wouldn’t. So long story short, be mindful of other people and their property, and keep a clear head!

When You Should Raft Up

Whenever you feel like hanging out with a group of people and you don’t want to leave your boat yet, it’s time to raft up. Or if you are up for an evening in the spirit of camaraderie, an adventure by wandering around the boats or a chance to roam through different settings of a party that are physically divided. Anything you can come up with can be a good reason to raft up, from a great big game to a simple winding down with friends and a barbecue on the water. All that you need to do is get your friends and fellow sailors together, and tie your boats to each other!

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