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A Day at Sea on a Sailboat

Whether you’re looking to hit the sandbar or the sea, there are few better experiences than renting a sailboat with Boatsetter. With sailboats in locations from Italy to Michigan Lake, your options for renting a sailboat across the world are possible with a sailboat rental that can be booked privately with or without a captain. So if you’re an experienced sailor already, you can show your friends and families the ropes and if you’re renting a sailboat for the first time, one of our trusted captains is here give you sailing lessons and show you the way. To make sure you have easy sailing throughout your journey, we’ve compiled this guide to ensure your sailboating experience is one you’ll remember for the ages!

Sailboats can sail just about anywhere

Renting a sailboat can be a much different experience than renting a speedboat or a pontoon. Known for their large sails that catch the winds, propelling the boat through the water, sailboats are elegant in nature but built for the water. You can take sailboats out on almost any body of water. You can sail from one Greek island to another or you can take a sailboat out on Lake Michigan to get away from the city for a while. Also, many sailboat rentals come with a small interior cabin so they make the perfect opportunity for a romantic weekend getaway underneath the stars.

Endless sailing experiences await

Some of the most popular things to with a sailboat rental, well, other than sailing are swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Since many sailboats come with a back deck it’s easy to leave the boat and jump into the cool, blue water for a nice dip. From here you can have a leisurely swim or even use snorkeling gear to get an in-depth glimpse at all the exotic marine life the water has to offer. And if you’re up for it, you can also enjoy some laid back fishing from your sailboat rental as well.

Pack light don’t forget to bring a book

You’ll want to be sure to bring along a nice set of clothes that dry easily along with some closed-toe, waterproof shoes since sailboats can get quite wet and quite slippery. You’ll also want to bring a nice hat that can protect you from the sun, since aside from the cabin, sailboats don’t usually provide too much shade. And if you hadn’t figured it out by now, sailboat rentals provide the ultimate experience for those who like to sit back, relax and read a good book. So don’t forget to bring your favorite novel along or the last book in the Game of Thrones series as you sail around a destination like Dubrovnik where a lot of the series was filmed!

Your sailboat experience made easy

So whether you're an experienced sailor or sailing along with one of our experienced captains that gives sailing lessons, your sailboat rental experience is waiting for you. From the high seas of the Mediterranean to the placid lakes of North America, it’s your time to see what makes sailing such a special experience. With all the sailboat listings out there, there’s no better sailboating adventure than the one you’ll get with a Boatsetter sailboat rental near you!

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