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Your Guide to the 3 Best Destinations a Sailor Can Visit

Not all sailors are built equally and at Boatsetter we know that.  While some of you may be learning to sail for the first time, others of you have been doing it your whole life. If your need to explore feeds your taste for adventure and you long to find something that will fulfill your needs, we have prepared the ultimate boating guide for you. Here are the top three locations for the seasoned sailors and experienced adventurers, picked especially for their charm, challenges, and the riveting experiences they will bring you.

Wander Throughout the Waters of the Ionian Sea

A perfect mix of natural beauty and ancient history, the Greek islands provide loads of possibilities for an escapade and future fond memories. Take Zakynthos, for example. It's the perfect start for an adventure that you will remember forever. As one of the most beautiful Ionian Islands, the legends and myths surrounding it provide the air of mystery needed for the start of every great escapade. From Ancient Greek history and myths to the Palaeolithic fossils found on it, this little getaway simply breathes the air of fun and excitement. The dramatic coastline adorned with pearly white beaches and with limestone cliffs suddenly cutting clean and dropping into the mesmerizing azure waters are a breathtaking sight, and this is just the first island! All you need to do is  take your Greek sailboat rental out on the water and your memories will be embellished with this gem of an adventure.

Explore The Crown Jewels Of The Carribean

The all-year-round ideal temperatures, consistent trade winds, and tranquil turquoise waters are simply made for those who love exploring. In combination with the dazzling white beaches, fascinating marine life and a whole lot of uninhabited islands just waiting for you to discover them, these characteristics lay out a perfect stage for your next sailing escapade. From The Baths, a dramatic rock formation at Virgin Gorda to secluded anchorages at Hallovers and Benures Bay, there's a little something for everyone. Honestly, it could definitely be called a sailor's paradise. The eye-catching, spectacular scenery, deep blue sea, and secluded spots that simply tug to your wandering spirit are just a few of the many wonders the British Virgin Islands have to offer. For the literary nerds, Norman Island should present as the most interesting. Serving as an inspiration for the novel "Treasure Island", now it's a place of a legend that there's a pirate treasure hidden somewhere along its beaches, or in some of the charming coves and bays. And there is no better way to check if it's true than to take your British Virgin Islands sailboat rental for a spin and see for yourself.

Enjoy the Exotic Wonderland of Thailand, Phuket

If you want to step out of the box and see something that's not along the lines of your everyday life than Thailand is the place you should go to. Endowed with unparalleled natural beauty and situated in the heart of Southeast Asia, this exotic getaway provides the most exceptional cruising grounds just around the island of Phuket, where it's easiest to rent a sailboat. The striking limestone cliffs, jutting out of the water are embellishing the shores and the turquoise waters surrounding the islands that makeup Thailand. Technicolor coral reefs are dotting the waters, making it ever-so challenging to sail throughout the crystalline waves. On the shorelines, the world-famous beaches are waiting for you to rest and get ready for the next step in your sailing escapade.

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