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You’re Guide to Exploring the Best of Santa Cruz Harbor

Santa Cruz is located at the northern tip of the Bay of Monterey, approximately 70-miles from San Francisco. It is a classic Californian city, modest and more rural than urban. Mountains that rise to the east and their stunning beauty offer wonderful views and mesmerizing nature you can observe from your Santa Cruz boat rental. With your boat, you can explore Santa Cruz’s cuisine and visit cozy restaurants where you can dock up for a tasty meal. The best way to cruise the Californian coastline is by sailing, so you are on the right track! 

Go Snorkeling with Friends

Have you ever had a chance to snorkel in an ocean? If you have found yourself in Santa Cruz, this is an activity that will make you feel adventurous. Take your Santa Cruz boat rental out with your friends and start the journey of a lifetime. The ideal place would be around 5 to 10-miles from the shore, south from the Santa Cruz. There you can find vivid and colorful ocean life and even more attractive crystal clear waters. The ocean is warm, so you can splash around til your heart’s desire. 

Visit Lighthouse Field State Beach

Lighthouse Field State Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Santa Cruz, California. All you can hear here is the silence disrupted by an occasional seagull call and waves that splash the beach. With your boat rented from Santa Cruz, you can take straight to the beach and just anchor up close enough for a pleasant swim. All you need is an excellent companion and a cold beverage to ease the heat that is typical for this part of the States. As you might have imagined, this is also an accessible surfing location, so take your camera and take photos of professional surfers that will show you some fantastic twists and turns on the board. 

Go Fishing in Monterey Bay

Santa Cruz is located above Monterey Bay, a great part of the Pacific Ocean that is home to various fish species. For those who love spending their time trying to catch a meal, this magical bay is swarming with underwater critters. Salmon, rockfish, and lingcod live in this bay and can be found on your hook.  Monterey Bay is a real paradise for fishers that are either beginners and seasoned pros. Take your Santa Cruz boat rental for a spin, bring your fellow anglers along, and enjoy this magnificent occasion to fish and sail around the bay. 

Cruise the Coast of Santa Cruz

The coast of Santa Cruz is around 4-miles wide, which makes it perfect for a smooth sailing tour. You can start your journey from Seymour Marine Discovery Center. Take your California sailboat rental for a trip along the coast and don’t forget to bring your your crew along. You can sail towards Pyramid Beach and Mitchell's Cove Beach where both sites will leave you speechless. Soak up the good vibes and take pictures for an eternal memento. Continue towards the Santa Cruz Wharf and stop at Santa Cruz Anchorage and enjoy the wonderful view.

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