Tips & Tricks for Your Snorkeling Adventure

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The Underwater World is Just Waiting to Be Explored

Snorkeling is a great summer activity since it doesn’t require previous preparations except knowing how to swim and it opens up a world of wonderous underwater beauty. There are also health benefits to snorkeling, but the primary reason why it’s so popular is that it’s fun and relaxing. It can be enjoyed alone, with friends or as a fun family activity, though it is recommended that you always snorkel in the company of others for safety reasons. Use your Boatsetter boat rental to go snorkeling on vacation and you just might fall in love with it. We have prepared this snorkeling guide and some tips to ensure a fun and safe adventure.

Proper Snorkeling Equipment

Your mask is your first and most important piece of equipment. It is the window that allows you to see underwater, so getting the right fit is important. Your mask should fit your face perfectly. A good way to test this is to hold the snorkeling mask to your face and breath in through your nose. If it stays in place without you holding it, you got it. The mask has to seal-in perfectly. Just don’t forget to apply some defog before each dive. Different snorkels allow for the different styles of snorkeling and there are wet, dry, and standard options. You’ll also want to be sure to bring along some fins as they let you glide through the water quickly and effortlessly.

Preparations Are Key

If you are snorkeling on a boat rental with friends or family members, you can agree on using sign language beforehand because good communication is essential for safety. If you are inexperienced you might want to try snorkeling in a pool or shallow waters to get used to the sensation. Some people need time to ease into using a snorkel for breathing underwater. Once you decide on where you snorkel, you’ll want to do some research on whether you’ll need a wetsuit, weights, or any additional equipment. While not all rentals have snorkeling gear onboard, but its relatively small size makes it easy to bring your own with you.

Relax And Explore Underwater Wonderland

Once you get your snorkeling yacht charter to the desired location, check if the water is deep enough and enter by easing yourself in or holding your mask and taking a big step. The most effective way to save energy while snorkeling is to keep your body streamlined, with your arms by your sides and kicking the fins from your hips. If you get water in your mask, adjust the straps or exhale sharply if water gets in your snorkel. The best practice is to relax and know your limits when snorkeling.

Knowing Your Limits

As you grow more experienced, you will be more aware of your limitations, but if you are just starting than try not to push yourself too hard. Stay relaxed and you will get much more enjoyment out of your snorkeling as you slowly begin to understand different factors and how they affect you, such as water temperature, visibility, surge, and currents. Staying relaxed also means that the marine wildlife won’t see you as a threat, so they will act normal around you, allowing you to truly see their beauty up close.

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