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With things heating up and the summer on the way, everyone’s beginning to plan their perfect summer vacation. From the Greek islands to Chicago Bay, people are looking to catch the endless summer heat and enjoy some time away from work to sit back, relax and make this summer the best summer yet. Whether you’re traveling across seas to Europe or making a vacation around the U.S., there’s no better way to make the most of your summer than by planning the ultimate boating trip. From sailboat rentals to fishing trips, Boatsetter’s got you covered from the high seas to the cool lakes and knows that no summer vacation is complete without the perfect boat rental.

Rent a sailboat in Long Island or Chicago

If you’re looking to rent a boat for the summer in Long Island or Chicago, you can hop aboard everything from a sailboat to a yacht. You’ll want to wait for the perfect weekday or weekend to get away and hit the water in style. If you’re looking to spend a few days on the water, you can hop aboard one of our luxury sailboats and enjoy the water with the cool wind at your back and the sun on your shoulders. You can even book a sailboat rental with a captain aboard who can show you the ropes and even teach you how to sail! With a guide like that, you can rest assured that you’ll only arrive at the most secluded and charming destinations when you rent a boat for the summer.

Rent a boat in New Jersey and go Fishing

Now that you’ve rented the perfect fishing boat in New Jersey, you can head out on the water and unleash the angler inside of you. Since our fishing boat rentals come in all sizes, from center consoles to larger boats for deep sea fishing, you can bring along a crew of almost any size. Since many of our boats come with fishing gear already in place, you won’t have to worry about bringing that along either. And just like our sailboats, our fishing boats can be either rented privately or with a captain aboard. So if you’re looking to find the best, secluded fishing spots in the New Jersey area, then look no further. We got you covered.

Hop aboard a yacht and take your trip to the next level

Nothing says, “I want to rent a boat for the summer,” like renting a yacht in Miami or Long Island. With yacht rentals across the globe, you can make the most of your summer vacation with an epic yacht rental. Whether you’re looking to host a wedding or a company anniversary, you can make the most of your summer cruising the open water with a Boatsetter yacht rental. With many of our yachts coming with a full crew on board, you can sit back and enjoy the luxury of comfort with some champagne in hand-while our in-house chefs prepare a fabulous culinary delight of the region’s best food for you and your crew.

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