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Choosing Your Summer Staycation Experience

Enjoying the great outdoors while staying close to home is easier than ever with the right on-the-water experience. Whether you live near a lake, the intracoastal or the ocean, finding the right experience and boat rental is simple with the expertise of our seasoned Boat Owners. Here are the best on-the-water experiences suited for the body of water you live closest to.


Test Your Watersports Skills

Lake boating is the perfect occasion to test your watersports skills. Whether you have a beginner or intermediate skill set, we make it easy for you to plan your day out on the water, so you can focus on learning that new trick. Watersports to try out include:

   - Tubing
   - Wakeboarding
   - Skiing
   - Wake surfing

To gain the best experience, Boat Owners suggest renting a wakeboard boat. This type of boat will have all the bells and whistles needed to ensure you get the best watersports experience possible. Don’t forget to reach out to the Boat Owner to make sure they have all the proper equipment needed to test your preferred watersports skills.

Anchor Down in the Lake

A lake is the best body of water to anchor down and kick your feet up in because the only waves you’ll be worrying about here are the ones that come from another boat. While you anchor down in the middle of the lake, consider taking a dip into the water to cool down from the sun, or bring a portable grill to cook up some of your favorite foods for the family. Boat Owners suggest renting a 18ft - 25ft deck boat for anchoring down as they are incredibly spacious and are easy to drive without a captain. However you choose to spend your time floating about, anchoring down is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors with those you love.


Beach Up on the Sandbar

With tons of sandbars spread throughout the intracoastal, it’s easy to find one to beach up on, and even easier to find a boat rental to get there! The sandbar is where many come together to throw the football, jam out to music and cool off during a hot summer day. For this occasion, Boat Owners suggest renting a pontoon boat, due to its ease of driving and the ability to beach up on the sand. So if you’re looking for a fun day out on the water with friends or family, we suggest considering beaching up at your nearest sandbar.

Dock and Dine at a Restaurant

Dining out is made fun by renting a boat and docking up at a waterfront restaurant. With so many options of places to eat, Boat Owners highly suggest finding the restaurant you want to eat at before heading on the water, so you know exactly where you’re going. Dock and dining is especially fun when you get to enjoy eating outdoors with a cold drink in your hand.


Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing is one of the most popular experiences when boating out in the ocean. Whether you plan to spend the day with your family or close friends, deep sea fishing is an exhilarating on-the-water experience for everyone. Not to mention, dinner will be handled ahead of time! Boat Owners suggest renting a sport fishing yacht for this occasion to ensure that you have plenty of space to reel in your catch.

Take Cruise Through the Open Waters

If you’re looking to enjoy the beauty of the open waters, taking a cruise out in the ocean may just be the perfect experience for you and your crew. Everyone in the family can enjoy this experience, whether that’s the adults being able to kick back and relax or the little ones getting to spot a dolphin in their natural habitat.

Whether you live near a lake, the intracoastal or the ocean, Boatsetter makes enjoying those bodies of water exciting and effortless. Book your boat rental today to kick start your summer staycation plans!

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