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The best inventions are born from problem solving. In the water recreation industry that means sportsmen and women are always creating new ideas to make their hobbies easier, less stressful and more fun. The gadgets below do just that – plus they look really cool. Fair warning: get ready to schedule your boat rental pronto. By the end of this list you’ll be ready for some fun in the sun.

  • Modom Shark Leash – In most locations where surfing is best the waters are also well suited for sharks – a surfer’s worst nightmare. There are lots of products on the market that claim to be a share repellent, so you definitely have options. Among the newest to launch is the Modom Shark Leash. The device, which fits around your ankle, sends out magnetic waves that disrupt the communication of the sharks, causing confusion and, therefore, distance from you.
  • Folding Kayaks – The most difficult part of kayaking is lugging the kayak from place to place. Oru Kayak is a company that creates foldable kayaks. In a series of easy steps the kayak condenses down to a backpack size tote, making travel from a river mouth to the ocean, well, a breeze. Is it cool or scary to be able to see what is swimming below the surface of the water?
  • Walk on Water Inflatable – Sportsmen and women have lazy days too. As far as we’re concerns lounging by the boat is a perfectly okay way to spend a weekend (in fact we recommend it). We bet this inflatable mat will make your weekend even more memorable. It can hold up to six adults; turning the ocean into the perfect lounge area.
  • Unique Wetsuits – Wetsuits keep you warm when the water temperature is less than desirable. Typically, you look like an alien putting on and taking off the garment (we don’t judge though). Recently a market has emerged with a goal for updating the look of the wetsuit. Check out these Quicksilver wetsuits that look like, well, actual suits. Ladies might enjoy the Mara Hoffman rash guard. Even children can get in on the water sport fashion trend with these colorful lycra suits.
  • KingiiKingii is a discreet flotation device that can be used during watersports or recreational swimming. Even the most advanced sportsmen and women have accidents. Kingii is designed to be a lifesaver, should you ever lose control in the water.
  • Full Face Masks – A full face mask allows you to breath underwater just as you would on land. The built in air transport system won’t take on water, even when the snorkel is submerged.
  • MerFin – Who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to be a mermaid or merman? Take your swimming to a new level with the MerFin and find out. The fin attaches to both feet and creates one fin for propelling forward, just like a mermaid.

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