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Summer is water skiing season! It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or you’re looking to break into the sport for the first time, you can use your boat charter to water ski – it’s one of the most exciting ways to spend a vacation. So start your engines, fly through the air, and beat your own new personal best.


Safety first!

Of course, we want you to be safe out there, so watch out for other people swimming, rafting, cross-wakes, or any object that could come between you and the boat rental.

Before you begin, take a look at all of the equipment you’re using. Your rope should not be frayed, the foot bindings ought to be safe and secure, and wooden skis should not have cracks in the lamination. Remember to also wear your life vest in the water at all times – not only does it keep you afloat in the water, it can help cushion you in the event of a fall.

Do you know the right signals?

For safety reasons, and because communication is key, it’s also important to signal to your driver certain messages. Take a moment to learn these below:

  • Thumbs-up/ thumbs-down: Go faster/ go slower.
  • The “OK” hand sign: The speed and direction are fine with me!
  • Patting your head: I’m finished – I’m ready to go back to the boat/ dock.
  • Using the ‘slash’ motion on your neck: Stop the boat immediately (in case of emergencies)
  • Clasped hands over your head: I’m okay! (use this after every fall)

There are more signals you can learn for your boat rental, be sure to learn more information on hand signals before you begin.

Next, balance.

This will be the foundation of every new trick you learn in the future, so keep proper balance at the forefront of your mind.

Begin by knowing the right posture before you get on your skis: Arch your back and lift your rib cage. Square your shoulders and hips and align your entire body and core in one direction. Proper weight distribution is also important for performing on the water. Skis shoulder-length apart and your knees bent. Your hips should be in a forward position while the handle is at waist level.

When you are on your water skis, lean a bit to the left and to the right for more movement, and let the boat rental be your guide. Once you’ve adjusted yourself and comfortable in your own gear, you can start with some new moves.
Now, jumps!

It’s time for the part you’ve been waiting for. Once you’re completely comfortable being in the water and on your skis, you’re ready to try a first jump with your boat rental.

Take two people out on the water with you. They will be the driver and the spotter. Head towards an area of the water that is completely clear and gives you plenty of room to perform the jump. Smooth water is always best, so be courteous of other riders out in the water.

Once you’ve got your correct posture and balance, you can begin. When the boat passes the ramp, aim for the center of it. Crouch slightly and keep your weight on the balls of your feet. Keep low and in the proper stance as you jump. Remember to hold your head up and lean a little forward when you hit the ramp. When you land, let the back of your skis hit the water before anything else.

For first-time water ski jumpers, if you fall at any point during the ride, slowly pull back but keep going straight – don’t make any turns – until you’ve slowed considerably. If you’re going to fall, try to fall backwards or sideways and not face first. If you fall with other vessels near, try to signal to them that there is a skier in the water and that you are alright.

The next step? Practice, practice, practice. Pretty soon, you will be enjoying the thrilling adventure that is water skiing!

After your full day out on the water, don’t forget the celebratory drinks!
Boatsetter wants you to have an unforgettable time out on your water skis with your friends and family. Take the time to view the best kinds of boat rentals for water skiing: inboard ski and wakeboard boats may be a good choice for you because they are made specifically with water sports in mind. For example, direct-drive inboards have engine placement in the center of the boat, which leads to much flatter wakes – and better water skiing conditions.

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