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Getting Married on Land Isn’t the Only Way to Get Hitched

When we plan weddings, we are looking for absolute perfection. We are careful in choosing the destination, the venue, and the seating chart. Gardens and patios decorated with beautiful flower arrangements look amazing but if you want something more unique, you should have your wedding on a boat. Because as it turns out, getting married on the water is awesome! The overall impression of a wedding on a yacht charter is remarkable and at Boatsetter, we know you will cherish the memories forever. If you can have it all, why not set the date and have the most important event in your life on a yacht or a sailboat? So bring the reverend and don’t forget the rings, cause it’s time to get hitched!  

The Adventurous Wedding Destination 

Getting married on a boat can be far from regular and that’s the surprise element that everyone wants to achieve. People are used to regular weddings in great halls or gardens, but planning a wedding on a boat can bring excitement and adventure. Your guests will enjoy the breeze, beautiful sunset in the evening, and the magical moments under the starlight. You can even choose to say, “yes” at sunset on the deck, while orange sunlight covers you and your partner. 

The Wedding Ceremony and the Reception On the Boat

Some people choose to perform only a wedding reception on the boat. Apart from being very sophisticated, it can also be well received by the guests. They would all have to come at the marked time since the boat is set to raise sails. After the wedding ceremony family and friends are welcomed to enjoy the music since both the band and the DJ are allowed on a boat as your guests. Amongst the music, you can have an exquisite dinner, and enjoy the view over the subtle waves. 

Boats You can Rent for Your Wedding Reception

If you are worried that you won’t have enough space on your boat for your wedding, you don’t have to be when you hop aboard a Boatsetter boat. There are various types of wedding boat rentals, and you can choose between a yacht, a sailboat for an intimate wedding, or a catamaran which is a great option for larger receptions. If you prefer an intimate wedding or having just a couple of people onboard, you can choose either a small yacht or a sailboat. It will fulfill the scenario you wanted and you will keep the intimacy alive. Should you decide on a slightly bigger wedding, then a catamaran is spacious enough to host even large wedding parties. We guarantee that the impressions are strong, whatever your choice is.

The Perfect Wedding Photos on a Boat

Even if we don’t want to admit, we all want the perfect wedding photos. After all, you probably plan to show these to your kids and even grandchildren someday. Those will be lifelong memories, so imagine all the beautiful pictures you can take from a rented wedding boat. You will find the blue sky, warm sunlight, and the sunshine on the faces of happy guests during the day in your pictures. After all, when you get married on a boat, the atmosphere is genuinely incredible and it is definitely an option you have to consider when planning your wedding. So hop aboard, and get hitched on your Boatsetter boat rental!

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