Access is the New Ownership: Boating for Millennials

Written by Boatsetter Team
July 24, 2018

Everybody loves boating. Nothing beats a day out on the water with some friends, some sun and some fun. But, boats are pricey and if you want to go often, the costs can add up. Between the purchase price, maintenance and storage, it can be kind of a hassle. Fortunately, there is a 21 st century solution for this.

Just like everything else millennials do, from Airbnb to Uber, there is a way to share these costs while maximizing your access. This gives you the most time on the water for the smallest cost. This short guide will show you the different options you have and how to make the most out of them.

For the Day

The simplest thing you can do is charter a boat for a day and share the costs among friends. It’s easy math. There are many boats in our fleet for between $400-$800 and split between 5-6 people that is really not bad at all! It is really is not much more than a night out on the town except you get to be out on the waves for incredible fun!

For Ownership

There is a misconception that owning a boat is expensive. It is only expensive if you do not know how to get the most out of ownership. Many people use their boats a couple times a year and just let them sit the rest of the time.

The other problem is that they don’t list their boats to be rented by other people when they are not using them. Just like Airbnb when you are away from home you can make money off your boat. Some people do so well that they even make a profit!



The other boat sharing option is membership in a group. It works similar to anything else from your gym to your Internet bill. You simply pay a monthly fee and can use certain boats depending on what type of membership you bought. This type of option is good for those who want to get on the water a few times a month, but not have to deal with other issues. It’s not quite as practical as boat sharing, but it is easier.

Three Great Options

Whether you are looking for a one-time experience, getting out on the sea as often as possible, or possibly even making money off your own boat, there are plenty of great options available. So now you are ready to make the most out of your weekend and have an unforgettable adventure.

Where are you most interested in boating? Let us know your top five spots around America for a great seaside adventure!

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