Insider Tips on Boat Sharing

By now, you’ve surely heard the buzz about boat sharing. The boating industry is yet another area that sharing economy has found a home and it’s booming! The beauty of boat sharing is that it is a win-win-win. It allows boaters to experience boating without the pressures of ownership, boat owners to stay in the ownership-game longer and boat captains to find a side gig earning income doing what they love!

Here’s how boat sharing works:

Anyone can go boating. In pre-boat sharing days, people with no boat and no boating experience would have to sit shoulder to shoulder with strangers on touristy boat rentals or forego the experience altogether. When boat sharing came on the scene, it allowed anyone to have the private boating experience, even those with no desire to own a boat and those who have no idea how to operate a boat. By renting a privately-owned boat with a captain at the helm, anyone can experience what it’s like to own a boat (even if it’s just for one day). Boats are easier to own than ever. Boat owners are typically passionate about boating and want to have access to their very own boat whenever they want to hit the water. Undeniably though, boat ownership is a costly proposition. Ownership can be prohibitive due to dockage costs, insurance and maintenance expenses and fuel prices. By allowing owners to earn boat rental income, boat sharing has improved the ownership experience and allowed boat owners to hold on to their boats longer than ever before. Passions turn into careers. Another key element to the equation is captains. Before the boating world was exposed to the “gig” economy, boat captains had fewer options for their careers. There was commercial boating operations or private yachting. Commercial boating is land based but lacks the freedom that many captains desire, while private yachting often requires months offshore and a limited personal life. Boat sharing has created a new option for licensed captains to be their own boss and even create a business for themselves. Whether it’s a side hustle or a full-time career, thousands of captains are taking advantage of boat sharing earnings. Boatsetter is a pioneer in the boat sharing industry and is the #1 boat rental community with the largest fleet of private boats for rent worldwide and the largest network of Coast Guard-licensed captains. Boat rentals are better than ever thanks to boat sharing.

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