Quick guide to Virgin Island yacht charters

Thanks to that magical portal known as the Internet, finding a yacht to rent in the Virgin Islands is easier than ever. You can arrange all of the details and have everything set up before you even set foot on the island. Once you know which island you’ll be staying on, check out a yacht rental site like Boatsetter to get started. It’s all just a couple of clicks away.

Why go to the Virgin Islands?

With bright green mountains swooping down to meet soft white sand and turquoise waves lined with swaying palm trees, a better question to ask yourself is why you wouldn’t want to go to the Virgin Islands. We sure can’t think of anything better than diving into crystal clear water, reeling in great big fish, snorkeling along secluded shores and sipping rum drinks on the deck of a yacht rental.

Choosing a destination in the Virgin Islands

Renting a boat in the Virgin Islands is the easy part. Choosing which island to stay on might take a while, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Whether you choose the U.S. or British Virgin Islands, all are beautiful, all have their own unique personalities and all sit along the shores of a boat and water lover’s paradise. The U.S. Virgin IslandsSt. Thomas • St. John • St. Croix The British Virgin IslandsTortola • Virgin Gorda • Anegada • Jost Van Dyke • Many other small islands scattered throughout the area The nice thing about the Virgin Islands is that they are all located fairly close together. You can always take a day trip from your home base island to any of the others in the chain. Just a couple of ideas include visiting the beachside boulders and sheltered rock pools of the Baths on Virgin Gorda, snorkeling and swimming in underwater nature trails on St. John and discovering hidden beach bars with white net hammocks on Jost Van Dyke. If you’re into sailing, the consistent winds of the Sir Francis Drake Channel make it ideal for sailboats and small vessels. Any of these aquatic activities can be experienced by booking a Virgin Islands yacht charter or rental boat trip. You might also want to consider a bareboat yacht charter. This type of yacht rental allows you to call the shots and spend your time as you please. You’re the captain and crew on this live-aboard adventure. This type of yacht rental is best suited to an experienced boater, but it has the potential to be the trip of a lifetime.


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