Four Great Reasons to Reconsider Sharing your Boat or Yacht

Have you heard the buzz about boat sharing? Everyone seems to be talking about sharing, the sharing economy  - sharing cars, sharing spare bedrooms etc; but when it comes to sharing boats and yachts there is still a little bit of confusion on the subject. How would that work? (You might find yourself asking!) Here's what sharing a boat or yacht doesn't mean: splitting the cost down the middle with our neighbor and then dealing with the nightmares that could (would most possibly) ensue, like he runs it aground, leaves fish guts on the deck or doesn't fill up the tank after his trip. At the end of the day, this scenario rarely works out, but it isn't the kind of sharing that everyone is so excited about! Boat sharing, or renting, sites like help boat owners connect with dependable people who want to rent a boat for the day, weekend or longer. Often, people on vacation are boaters themselves but aren't able to trailer their boats with them. Destinations like Newport Beach, California or Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Saint Petersburg, Florida are made for on-water experiences. So far, the airline industry hasn't make it handy to check a boat. It's hard enough just getting your shampoo bottles through security. Boat sharing while you are on vacation is an amazingly easy way to access a boat and have a great boating adventure while away from traveling. Owner retains complete control As the yacht owner, you approve of all details of the charter, including when the boat is used, who rents it and for how long. You are also able to meet with the renter beforehand to go over any special details regarding the operation of the boat. Boat sharing is insured and risk-free Potential boat renters are pre-screened, and you are able to accept or reject any potential renter. World class insurance is provided for the cash value of your boat during the entire charter and in the event of any on-water problems, support is provided by TowBoat US andBoatTow. Certified captains are available to handle the navigation, logistics and safety requirements. Extra income Costs associated with yearly maintenance, servicing and fuel consumption are required whether you're using your boat or not. Renting your boat when you're not using it means extra income to offset these necessary expenses. Staying Active In addition, the boat gets the advantage of getting out on the water. A boat likes skimming across the waves much more than sitting in a boring old marina, boat yard or dry dock all day where it is susceptible to weathering, hull damage and bottom barnacles. A boat that is regular use will be in better shape and face less depreciation in value. An idle boat is never a good thing! Sharing your boat has a lot of advantages and working with a company that treats your boat as if it were their own is the key to a positive and profitable boat sharing experience. Boatsetter, the leader in quality boat sharing, is dedicated to offering a quality (and worry-free) boat sharing experience to its vast boat owner  and chartering community.


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