Thanksgiving 2015, I’m So Over Turkey – Let’s Go Boating!

Thanksgiving 2015 is only a few days away and we all know how it goes down: lots of family time, copious amounts of food, football, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on repeat and maybe even an annual re-watch of It's a Wonderful Life. Hopefully, we take a second or two to be thankful for all that 2015 has brought as the year quickly comes to an end. But, the question that is weighing heavily on many of our minds is: what should we do with the rest of our weekend? Leave Black Friday to the masses and spend the rest of your Thanksgiving out on a Boat Rental! Sound easy? Sound too good to be true? Renting a boat is easier than ever with boat sharing. It's as simple as:
  • Browsing through beautiful boats of all sizes, models and types - Now that's a good way to spend your downtime this Thanksgiving
  • Choosing a US Coast Guard-licensed Boat Captain - if needed or you can take the helm yourself if you have the know-how.
  • Reserving times, dates, showing up.
Boom, you're spending Thanksgiving weekend out on a boat rental! Of course, if your preference is fighting crowds, waiting in long lines just to save a couple bucks on something that you could probably easily order online then returning home exhausted after a stressful day of fighting with the mall warriors, is your cup of tea, maybe a Thanksgiving boat rental is not for you. However... Renting a boat is the best way to spend to remaining days of the long Thanksgiving weekend. Here's why:
  • No long lines full of angry shoppers. (Need we say more?)
  • Family bonding while having fun out on the water? Be warned memories that'll last a lifetime often sneak up on you while boating.
  • Getting active might be just what you need right now! After all those turkey legs, full cream desserts and Cranberry Martinis, your body could use the good dose of fresh air, swimming and activity that your boat rental offers.
  • Keep your out of town guests busy. Show your out of town family or friends, the best time ever. They will elevate your status to favorite Son-in-law, Aunt or Cousin immediately after you tell them the details of your post-Thanksgiving 2015 boat rental excursion.
There's still time to plan for the ultimate close to your Thanksgiving holiday. Renting a boat to go fishing, snorkeling or just cruising the waterways while noshing on leftovers and champagne...all good ways to spend your weekend. And, if turkey's not your idea of a good time, why not just spend Thanksgiving Day out on the water? Now that sounds like something to be thankful for. Happy Boating Day and Happy Thanksgiving - can we have both? Boatsetter says yes you can have it all! What are your plans for the holiday?


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