Traveling with children on a boat rental

Boatsetter Team
Written by Boatsetter Team
December 5, 2017

Introducing children to the water and the boating lifestyle can be a fun experience for any parent. There are a few tips and helpful pieces of advice that will make traveling with children on a boat safe, fun and stress-free for everyone.

Traveling with Children on a Boat

Safety first
Children should not be on a boat without a life jacket. In addition to being a major safety feature, it is the law in many states. If possible, enroll them in a swimming class before heading out on a boat. Explain the basic safety rules of boating such as keeping hands inside the boat while near docks, sitting still while the boat is underway and staying away from the propeller while swimming. Even though it’s not moving, that prop can be sharp and hard on the head. Sunscreen applies to this category as well. Apply liberally and often.

Include the kids in tasks
Include the kids in the boating experience by giving them small tasks to do such as stowing the fishing gear, handing out life jackets, being in charge of the first aid kit, washing down the boat or even helping to hoist the sails. Depending on their age, kids can come in quite handy on a boat!

Pack the snacks
Kids of all ages get hungry on the water. Be sure to pack plenty of kid-friendly snacks, water and a juice box or two for when the munchies come to call. You will probably want to avoid chocolate and anything gummy as these can cause havoc on the deck and seats of a boat. Opt for things like sandwiches, crackers and fruit. It is much easier to sweep crumbs than scrub chocolate out of a carpet-covered deck.

Stow the toys
Pack floats, tubes and noodles for lots of fun while anchored out. Older kids may enjoy snorkeling, tubing and fishing while the younger ones just want to splash around. An iPod or CD filled with some of their favorite music may be a welcoming touch as well.

Bring plenty of towels and a change of clothes
Even if you’re only planning to go for a quick cruise, you never can tell when the kids will end up wet. It is always best to be safe than sorry.

As boaters, we want to share our passion for the boating lifestyle with our kids. It makes for great family time and as kids get older, it may just become their passion as well! Starting from a good foundation of safety and fun, your kids may just develop a love for the water – that will last a lifetime!

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