Buoy partners with Boatsetter

Boatsetter has partnered with Buoy, an SB 606-compliant boat insurance provider that offers recreational boaters on our platform usage-based coverage. Buoy insurance meets SB 606 criteria and offers boat owners and renters peace of mind.

Boating with Boatsetter
Get boat insurance that keeps you afloat

Keeping you safe

We're about adventure, fun, memories on the water, and keeping it safe. As a renter, you will be able to get usage-based insurance that covers you for the duration of your cruise..

Trip essentials

You'll need basic boating education before your Florida boat trip. Don't worry, our Owners will help you meet the rental criteria with the use of our easy Check-In protocol.

Small price for safety

You’ll have financial support for bodily injuries or damage to the boat in the case of accidents during the boat trip.

Automated renter’s insurance process

Getting Buoy’s renter’s insurance coverage can now be done through Boatsetter.

Greater security

Your boat will have greater protection in the event of accidents.

No cost supplemental insurance

Coverage will come at no additional cost for owners on Boatsetter. 

What's Covered?

Buoy’s renter’s insurance coverage ensures that liveries comply with the Florida Boating Safety Act of 2022 (SB606), requiring insurance coverage to be at least $500,000 per person and $1,000,000 per occurrence.




Hull and Equipment

Livery and Renter

Insured Value, Not to Exceed

Actual Cash Value

Boating Liability (Protection & Indemnity)

Livery and Renter

Liability Limit per Person
Aggregate Limit per Occurrence


Fuel and Other Spill Liability
Livery and Renter

Limit per Occurrence


Medical Payments

Livery and Renter

Limit per Occurrence


*Please note that boat trailer liability is not covered by Buoy’s renter insurance policy.


For each covered vessel, Buoy’s obligation to pay for, repair, return or replace damaged or stolen property will be reduced by $5,000.

Who is Buoy best for?

There are many benefits to Buoy’s renter’s insurance coverage, but the best answer to this depends on who’s asking.

I'm a renter

  • Looking to get behind the helm
  • Novice boater, water aficionado, or seasoned pro
  • Booking a boat in the state of Florida
  • Agrees: Safe waterways are best for all
If you answered yes, indeed to any of the above, Buoy is best for YOU!

I'm a boat owner

  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) boat rental operator
  • Without a commercial policy
  • Operating, or looking to operate, in the state of Florida
  • In need of SB 606-compliant insurance coverage
  • Looking to list your boat with Boatsetter
If you answered yes, indeed to any of the above, Buoy is best for YOU!

Got questions?

What is Buoy?

Buoy is the first ever trip-based boat rental insurance in compliance with SB 606 criteria. It covers both the renter and the boat operator during the rental period. Most insurances do not cover renters, Buoy does!

What is a peer-to-peer (P2P) boat owner?

A peer-to-peer (P2P) boat owner is someone who lists their private boat for rent on an online marketplace such as Boatsetter. Peer-to-peer boat owners utilize Boatsetter to communicate with and receive booking requests from pre-screened renters, manage their calendars and boat listings, and process payments.

Unlike commercial boat operators (such as boat rental companies, yacht charter agents, fishing charters, and boat clubs) that provide their own commercial rental insurance, peer-to-peer boat owners are covered by Boatsetter’s exclusive partnership with GEICO Marine.

I’m a boat owner, how do I get renter’s insurance coverage?

Through Boatsetter! All you have to do is complete listing your boat. We’ve automated securing Buoy’s renter’s insurance coverage within the owner signup.

Listing your boat with Boatsetter is free, fast, and easy.

I’m a renter, where do I purchase renter’s insurance for my boat trip?

Buoy has been integrated into our booking system, which means the information you provide when booking a boat will be used to present you with a renter’s insurance policy specific to your trip.

A renter’s insurance policy will be presented to renters at checkout as optional. Renters are not required to purchase insurance.

Why do I need renter’s insurance?

Safe waterways are key to having fun on the water! Boatsetter requires boat rental operators to carry renters insurance as specified by the Boating Safety Act of 2022 (SB 606) in order to be active on our platform.

Renters are not required to purchase insurance but are strongly encouraged.

I’m a boat owner, what other renter’s insurance providers can I use?

Our partnership with GEICO Marine has been revised with the advent of SB 606 in order to provide additional renter’s insurance providers to our Owners. Learn more about our GEICO Marine Peer-to-Peer Boat Rental Policy

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