Captains Terms of Service

No Endorsement

In order to promote safety and a great experience, BOATSETTER provides a list of available Captains which can be hired by the Renter whether required by the Owner or requested by the Renter. BOATSETTER CANNOT AND DOES NOT CONTROL THE CONTENT CONTAINED IN ANY LISTINGS OR OFFERINGS BY CAPTAINS NOR THE CONDITION, LEGALITY, SUITABILITY, INSURABILITY OR QUALIFICATIONS OF ANY CAPTAINS. BOATSETTER never approves or endorses any Captain. BOATSETTER requires Captains to submit evidence of their qualifications at the time of initial sign up but does not and is not responsible to ensure that a Captain's credentials remain current at the time of any particular Charter. Ensuring that a Captain is currently credentialed and properly qualified for a particular Boat or Charter is the sole responsibility of the Renter.

Captains Are Strictly Retained by Renter

Renter agrees that it alone will be the employer of any Captain selected and / or hired by Renter and that said Captain will be so notified by Renter and agree that they are not the employee or borrowed servant of the Owner or BOATSETTER and will make no claims of any kind against Owner or BOATSETTER on the basis of any alleged employment relationship.