Captain Luis


Licensed (bilingual) Boat Captain with high morals and ethics. Non smoker; drug free and I do not drink alcohol. Over 20 years boating experience.

Previous Experience

Over 20 years experience of boating experience.

Professional Background

I am a full time employed captain from a corporate disciplined culture looking to offer my charter services on a part time bases. Do not smoke; drug free and do not drink alcohol.



Miami, FL, United States

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Luis's Fleet

Seahunt 186

North Miami Beach, FL 6 people
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Everglades Boats 24c

Homestead, FL 12 people
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Exotic Supercharged Yamaha...

Miami, FL 8 people
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Sea Fox

Miami, FL 7 people
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Yamaha AR195 Supercharged -...

Miami, FL 8 people
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Homestead, FL 8 people
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Reel Treat

Coral Gables, FL 6 people
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