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I am a lifelong boater with over 30 years experience. After a rewarding career I decided to make my passion my next career. So after gathering up my sea time, adding in some bigger-boat time and a few weeks in Stuart Florida at Chapman's School of Seamanship, I obtained my USCG 100 GRT/NC Master with Assistance Towing Endorsement. Throw in a Radio Operators permit and Maritime Security Course and my five year plan paid off. I started running up and down the east coast doing deliveries, seasonal relocations, private charters and new owner training. Wanting to expand my knowledge base, I began working for TowBoat US, Old Saybrook on the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound. I am fortunate to have the skills and experience to operate in a variety of situations. Whether on private charter with owners and their family and guests, long distance relocations with a mate or as a member of a larger crew the safety and comfort of the vessel and all on board is always my first priority. Currently living in Putnam County, NY most of my clients are drawn from the New York and Connecticut coast as well as the Hudson River areas. I have extensive experience on the Long Island Sound, with many cruises to Block Island, Sag Harbour, The Hamptons and Newport RI. as well as numerous trips to and from Florida, the Carolinas and the Chesapeake. I am an active member and Past Squadron Commander of the Lake Candlewood Power Squadron and currently serve as a member of the instructor cadre.


Mahopac, NY, United States

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