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Captain Mike has a 100 ton Master's License with Aux Sail, Towing and STCW. All that is backed up with years of being on the water in a variety of capacities ranging from "oiler/wiper", "cartographer", and deck hand to navigator, mate and captain. He has served on fishing boats, charter boats, freighters, submarines (private and USN nucs) and many sailboats of every size shape and description. With formal degrees in both "Marine Technology" and "Physics" he can work on anything. He lives aboard his beloved "Whensday" permanently and can mostly be found somewhere Florida Keys these days.

Professional Background

Formal degrees in "Marine Technology" and "Applied Physics" United States Submarine Navigator Best selling author Sailing instructor


  • Sailing
  • Towing

On-Water Specialities

  • Sailing
  • Towing
  • Radio Operator
  • Radar

Other Services

  • Vessel Maintenance
  • Day work
  • Mechanical Repair


Marathon, FL, United States

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Hi! I'm Captain Michael.

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