Captain Gladwin


Independent Contractor. Master 200 Ton. 30 years of experience. East Coast USA, Bahamas and Caribbean. Interested in freelance deliveries or freelance jobs, charters, etc.

Professional Background

-USCG Master 200 ton STCW 95/RFPNW Endorsement -Mechanical Fuel Injection 1271 Detroit Diesel Training -DDEC 1271 Training, Electrical System Troubleshooting -Basic and Advanced Marine Fire Fighting -Unlimited Radar Observer Course -Bridge Resource Management -Basic Safety Training -Proficiency in First Aid Aboard Ship -Proficiency in Survival Craft &Lifeboats -Ableseaman Unlimited -Extensive experience onboard motor and sailing yachts, chartering, cruising and fishing, including major fishing tournaments throughout the Bahamas and the Caribbean -Excellent navigational and boat handling skills -Good understanding of all aspects of marine engineering -Conversational Spanish -Team player, with excellent communication skills -Experience in training and supervising crew, accounting, budgeting, scheduling charters, planning itineraries, and overseeing shipyard projects -Organized, able to multitask, responsible



Miramar, FL, United States

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