Captain kenneth


i have work on the water since 1976. joining the US Navy and becoming a Navy diver. did most of my career on and oceangoing tug. after the navy i ran dive boat, launches, supply boats and tugs. have worked all of the East coast and parts of the gulf and the west coast from San Deigo to Santa Barbar. have also been the South China sea to the South Pacific, have traveled most countries inbetween. I really enjoy the water and the time i get to be on her. i have a 200 ton lic. and live in Melbourne Fl.


  • Sailing
  • Towing
  • Radar

On-Water Specialities

  • Towing
  • Radio Operator
  • Radar

Other Services

  • Vessel Maintenance
  • Day work
  • Mechanical Repair


Melbourne, FL, United States

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