Captain Raymond


Life long mariner with commercial fishing, sailboat racing, and delivery experience. Current US sailing small boat instructor, and Principal Race Officer. USCG captains license attained in 2015, with master, towing and sailing, endorsement upgrades. Past ASA sailing instructor, college racer, and junior sailor at Kaneohe Yacht Club. Mechanical Engineering Degree from Oregon State, and strong background in diesels, motors, hydraulics, pumping systems, electrical, refrigeration, and instruments/communication. MacGyver is typically used on my resume.

Previous Experience

Commercial fisherman, long time sailor, junior sailing advocate.

Professional Background

Last two years run a delivery company. Over 25 deliveries, over 10k miles, including ocean crossings.


  • 100 ton master inland
  • 6 pac near coastal

Other Services

  • installations
  • installations
  • engineering
  • CAD


Vancouver, WA, United States

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