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I'm a well established captain with over 20 years at the helm of every type of vessel from charter fishing and dive to commercial fishing of all types up to 110'.Iam good with many types of engines and generators. I've traveled to most harbors on the west coast from Alaska to Baja with experience in going through costoms as well.I've been fishing and diving all my life. Im well mannered, do well with clients And love being on the ocean.

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I've been boating my entire life. I started commercial fishing in my early twenties. I fished dove and surfed around all seven Channel islands and know them well. I got my captains license and was captain of the NOAA research vessel Ballena doing a wide range of operations . I've dove all over the west coast as far as Dutch harbor. I've owned boats up to 100 ton and been captain of even larger two years ago I took a 110' from Eureka to La Paz then to Clipperton



Cardiff, CA, United States

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