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Picture yourself on a rental boat out on the Atlantic. The sun is bathing your skin, the blue waters lapping at your feet, the air crisp and warm as it blows across your hair. That moment of serenity can't be had without the comfort of knowing that your rented vessel is in the hands of a skilled professional. That's where I come in. As much as I love the water, I have a passion for keeping it safe for everyone on my ship. I can't wait to bring you to the ocean blue and give you the pace and tranquility that comes with having a skilled captain at the wheel!

Previous Experience

My previous experience involves running Van Dutch boats and smaller vessels for many years before becoming a captain-for-hire of boat rentals.

Professional Background

I have managed vessels between 20' and 80' in length, with certification from the USCG.


  • Sailing
  • Towing

On-Water Specialities

  • Radio Operator

Other Services

  • Vessel Maintenance


Miami, FL, United States

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Hi! I'm Captain Mario.

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