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Top Fishing Charters in Cocoa Beach

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1-10 passengers Captain Included

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Just Reel Therapy

1-10 passengers Captain Included

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1-10 passengers Captain Included

Do Some Flats Fishing in Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach has plenty to offer for light tackle saltwater fishing enthusiasts. Cocoa Beach is on Florida's Space Coast, just an hour east of Orlando. Like many Florida towns, it is a busy tourist destination, especially during winter. Cocoa Beach is just south of Port Canaveral, which draws plenty of guests. Best of all, you can get really close to some incredible flats fishing.

Do some cruising along the shoreline on your Cocoa Beach fishing charter. Drop anchor whenever you feel like stopping and check out a few of your fishing options.

Fishing in Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach offers lots of variety when it comes to fishing. Here are three of the best places to start.

The Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic coast beaches produce great nearshore fishing during the warmer months. Sail out of Port Canaveral and fish within a mile of shore, often within several hundred feet of the beach. Tarpon, sharks, kingfish, jack crevalle, and tripletail are some of the most common catches.

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Cocoa Beach Pier

Surf fishing is available if you decide to dock your boat. By standing on the beach or the Cocoa Beach Pier, you can expect to catch pompano, bluefish, whiting, mackerel, drum, and more.

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Fly Fishing

Explore the saltwater flats of Mosquito Lagoon on a fly fishing charter. Catch tarpon, redfish, seatrout, or black drum. Mosquito Lagoon is known as the redfish capital of the world.

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Best Places to Fish in Cocoa Beach

You can explore the ocean on your Cocoa Beach fishing charter, as well as some of the many nearby lagoons.

Banana River Lagoon

The closest inshore fishing to Cocoa Beach is the Banana River Lagoon. Just ten minutes away, this saltwater estuary offers year-round fishing for redfish, spotted seatrout, and black drum. Other seasonal catches might include tarpon and snook.

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Indian River Lagoon

Sail your Cocoa Beach fishing charter to the Indian River Lagoon, which is known for its giant black drum and redfish. There is always somewhere to fish and something to catch during any time of the year in Cocoa Beach.

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Ocean Fishing

If you sail your Cocoa Beach fishing charter out of Port Canaveral, you can fish for cobia, snapper, grouper, sailfish, and more. The Gulfstream is a 20-mile ride out, and here you can find yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and other pelagic species.

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How to Fish in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Florida's Space Coast offers many good fishing opportunities. Here are a few ways to get started on your Cocoa Beach fishing charter.


Special Licenses

Explore the many bodies of water on your Cocoa Beach fishing charter. If you are trying to catch a specific species, make sure you get the special license you need so that you don’t catch any fish illegally.


Fishing Style

With access to the Atlantic Ocean, the lagoons, and the Intracoastal Waterway, fishermen will find plenty of bodies of water to cast their lines in while visiting. Saltwater and freshwater fishing provide a wide range of fishing experiences and expectations in this area.


Get the Gear

Think about all of the fishing gear you might need for your Cocoa Beach fishing charter. Try and find out whether or not your boat comes with fishing gear included already since all of our fishing boats come with different amenities.

Types of Fish in Cocoa Beach

The Space Coast is home to more than 500 species of fish. Here are three of the most common.


Red snapper is pink to red in color, and its pointed anal fin is what distinguishes it from other types of snapper. Red snapper is considered one of the best fish to eat out of all of the species you can catch in Cocoa Beach.


They can sometimes be found in the calm and shallow waters off the coast from spring until late autumn.


Red grouper and gag grouper are most popular with anglers in Cocoa Beach. During the cooler months, they can be caught in the shallow waters off the coast by trolling artificial lures.

Top Types of Fishing in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Here are some different kinds of fishing you can do when you charter a fishing boat in Cocoa Beach.

Pier Fishing

You can visit Jetty Park in Port Canaveral, a very accessible fishing spot. Cast straight from your boat or off the pier itself. The fishing is usually quite good here and you can also meet some locals and discover their special insider fishing tips.

Inlet Fishing

Cocoa Beach offers plenty of opportunities for inlet fishing. Sail your Cocoa Beach fishing charter to the Sebastian Inlet where you can find redfish, snook, or Spanish mackerel. The Sebastian Fishing Museum has artifacts from fishing families involved in early commercial fishing around the area.

Fishing from the Beach

It is really easy to fish from the beach here. Simply drop anchor from your Cocoa Beach fishing charter near Port Canaveral, which offers great surf fishing. Cast your line into the shallow waters around the area and wait for something to bite.

Cocoa Beach, Florida Fishing Seasons

The subtropical climate of central Florida is ideal for fishing during spring before temperatures get too hot and before it starts raining a lot.



You can find black drum in the lagoons and the waterway. Blackfin tuna and kingfish can be caught offshore.



Cast your line directly from your Cocoa Beach fishing charter into some of the deeper areas. Lots of fish swim deeper in the colder months to find warmer water.



The temperatures on land and sea slowly start rising in March and speckled trout, black drum, and redfish can be found in the Cocoa Beach area.



The waters start warming up, so lots of fish like tarpon and redfish start eating a lot more, which can be great news for anglers.



The weather in Cocoa Beach starts getting more predictable, with clear mornings and some afternoon rains. These are perfect conditions for Jack Crevalle fishing.



Summer days in Cocoa Beach are perfect for all types of fishing. The warm sunny days are cooled by mild breezes and the ocean water is bright blue and clear.



Every fish species is voraciously feeding and ready to take your bait in the warm July water. Look especially for tarpon and king mackerel during July.



High temperatures, both in and out of the water, are the norm in August. The best fish to try for this month is snook.



Large schools of redfish can be found offshore because the water temperatures have not yet cooled down enough for them to need shallower waters.



October is the best month to sail your Cocoa Beach fishing charter and catch kingfish and wahoo.



The fall patterns are starting up and temperatures start cooling a little more, which leads to quieter beaches and peaceful fishing experiences.



Temperatures are cooler in the mornings and evenings, and large schools of black drum can be found on the flats.

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