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Palm Coast, FL


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Palm Coast, FL


22' Intercoastal Fishing machine in Palm Coast, FL!

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Fishing Charters in Flagler Beach

Flagler Beach is on the Atlantic Coast between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine, with many miles of beaches, beachside shops, waterfront restaurants, and natural parks. Enjoy the eclectic shops and do a little surfing. Explore the classic fishing pier, and enjoy the six miles of wonderful ocean views.

After cruising along the shoreline on your Flagler Beach fishing charter, drop anchor outside of town and try out some of the delicious local seafood.

Fishing in Flagler Beach

Here are three of the best places to fish in Flagler Beach.

The Atlantic Ocean

If you are looking for some of the best ocean fishing in Florida, Flagler Beach is the place for you. You can expect to catch kingfish, sailfish, tarpon, and more from your Flagler Beach fishing charter.

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Flagler Beach Pier

It is worth keeping in mind that the Flagler Beach Pier can be an extremely good place to fish. Cast your lines around the structures of the pier to catch tarpon, sharks, redfish and many other species.

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Ponce Inlet Jetty

The Ponce Inlet Jetty is part of Lighthouse Point Park, a 52-acre preserve in Ponce Inlet. There is great fishing here, and you can explore some of the nature trails, spot birds of prey, and climb the observation tower.

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Best Places to Fish in Flagler Beach

On a Flagler Beach fishing charter, you can enjoy all of the best parts of the ocean and also explore the many lakes and rivers in the area.

Sunglow Fishing Pier

Sunglow Fishing Pier is a good place to set up your rod. The pier is well-maintained and it can be a great spot for night fishing. Enjoy the amenities like benches, cleaning stations, bait shacks, and fishing rod holders.

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Halifax River

Sail your Flagler Beach fishing charter to Ormond Beach, where you can enjoy great fishing in the Halifax River.

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Tomoka State Park

Tomoka State Park can be a fun place for bird and wildlife viewing, as well as boating, kayaking, and fishing. There is a small museum and playground here too.

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How to Fish in Flagler Beach, Florida

Here are a few ways to start fishing in Flagler Beach.


Get the Gear

Think about the type of fishing gear that you will need for your trip on your Flagler Beach fishing charter. Check first whether your boat comes with fishing gear included or not, since all of our fishing boats come with different amenities.


Special Licenses

Explore the many bodies of water on your Flagler Beach fishing charter. If you are trying to catch a specific species, get the right kind of license so that you don’t need to worry about catching any fish illegally.


Think About Fly Fishing

If you are going to take a fly fishing charter in the saltwater flats, always come well prepared with a big can of bug spray and polarized sunglasses.

Types of Fish in Flagler Beach

These are some of the fish you can catch on your Flagler Beach fishing charter.


Red grouper and gag grouper are the most popular with anglers in Flagler Beach. During the cooler months, they can be caught in shallow water by trolling artificial lures.


This term can be used to describe many different species like spotted sunfish, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, sunfish, or warmouth. These fish can be good targets for many young anglers who are still learning how to fish.


Red snapper can be common in Flagler Beach. Red snapper is considered one of the best fish to eat out of all of the species found in the waters around the area.

Top Types of Fishing in Flagler Beach, Florida

These are some different kinds of fishing you can do in Flagler Beach.

Fish from the Beach

It is really easy to fish from the beach here. Simply drop anchor from your Flagler Beach fishing charter and stroll the long, white beach while casting your line into the shallow waters.

Pier Fishing

Cast straight from your boat or off Flagler Beach Pier itself. The fishing is usually quite good here and you can also meet some of the locals and learn some of their special insider fishing tips.

Reef Fishing

Flagler Beach offers plenty of opportunities for reef fishing, where you'll see plenty of tropical fish and interesting aquatic plants underneath the water. There is an artificial reef off the coast that you can sail to on your Flagler Beach fishing charter.

Flagler Beach, Florida Fishing Seasons

The subtropical climate of central Florida is best enjoyed before temperatures get too hot and before the rainy season.



Fish don't digest food quickly in the cold, so they don't need to eat as often. But you can still do some good fishing in winter.



Lots of fish swim deeper in the colder months to find warmer water. Drop anchor from your Flagler Beach fishing charter in some of the deeper areas.



More fish can be found in the Flagler Beach area as the temperatures on land and sea slowly start rising in March.



The waters get a lot warmer in April, so lots of fish start eating more, which is good news for anglers.



The weather in Flagler Beach follows the pattern of clear mornings and frequent afternoon rains.



The warm sunny days are cooled by ocean breezes and the water is bright blue and clear.



Every fish species is feeding and ready to take your bait in the warm July water. These summer days in Flagler Beach are perfect for fishing.



High temperatures, both in and out of the water, are very common in August. Get out on the water early, before daybreak, to beat the heat.



A lot of impressive fish are offshore because the water temperatures have not yet cooled down enough for them to need shallower waters.



October is the best month to sail your Flagler Beach fishing charter along the coast and simply enjoy the amazing Florida weather.



The fall patterns are starting up in terms of weather and the temperatures start dropping a little more.



Temperatures are cooler in the mornings and evenings, but it can still be quite warm during the day.

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