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2202 Century Bay Boat for charter in Tampa!

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Ebb & Flow Charters - Tampa Bay Fishing Guide

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"Reel Blonde" 72' Viking Sportfish Yacht

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Pathfinder 2200 TE

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Fishing the Florida Gulf Coast

First-timers and experienced anglers frequent this area to make their fishing dreams come true. If you plan on checking out the Florida Gulf Coast fishing spots, you’ll be glad to hear that there is no such thing as a bad fishing spot along the entire Gulf Coast. Each year, more than three million people go fishing in the Gulf of Mexico to land a wide variety of fish like tarpon, redfish, and tuna.

When you book a Florida Gulf Coast fishing charter, you can enjoy all of the amazing beaches and fishing holes in style while you sail along the clear blue waters.

Fishing in the Florida Gulf Coast

Here are three of the most popular Florida Gulf Coast fishing experiences for you to try.


Sometimes known as the "Red Snapper Capital of the World", Pensacola can be an ideal place for fishing charters. You can also catch local favorites like tilefish and scamp grouper.

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Redfish are always biting in Venice. These big fish take over the inshore waters, and you can catch them on shrimp and crabs. Also, check out the grassy flats and marshes in the area.

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For anglers who want some good sport fishing, head over to the wrecks near Tampa to fish for permit. You can usually catch them early in the morning with shrimp and crabs as bait if you are quiet enough.

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Best Places to Fish in the Florida Gulf Coast

These are three of the best places to fish along the Florida Gulf Coast.

Bridge Fishing

Bridge fishing is a good option that requires little equipment or planning. While there are hundreds of bridges all along the Gulf Coast (“bridge-hopping” is a part of every fish-loving local’s vocabulary), the Boca Chica Channel Bridge and other bridges near the Upper Keys are some of the most popular fishing spots.

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Florida Bay

Florida Bay at the Gulf of Mexico and the mainland is home to so many different species. Among the types of fish found here are tarpon, snapper, and even a few species of sharks.

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The Gulf Stream

Flowing north from Key West's Florida Straits along the coast, the Gulf Stream provides plenty of water for anglers to explore. This is a favorite site for offshore fishing in the Florida Keys, with plenty of mahi-mahi, blue and white marlin, and more.

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How to Fish in the Florida Gulf Coast

The fishing conditions can be very different on the Florida Gulf Coast because it is such a long coastline. Here are three ways you can get started.


Fishing Area

Choose where you would like to fish. The Florida Gulf Coast can be good for catching tarpon and redfish but there are also plenty of nearby inshore waters that offer excellent snook fishing.


Type of Fishing

If you consider the type of fishing you are planning to do in the Florida Gulf Coast, you can select the correct tackle, and also purchase some maps or a guidebook to lead you to the best fishing holes.


Bait and Tackle

You can get the type of bait and tackle you will need from local bait and tackle shops, or you can also look for other help online.

Types of Fish in the Florida Gulf Coast

The Florida Gulf Coast is famous for a wide variety of fish species. Here are three of the most common ones.


Redfish can usually be caught on light tackle so they are good targets for amateur anglers and kids.

Blackfin Tuna

Blackfin tuna are great wintertime gamefish that arrive in mid-November of each year in the offshore waters and continue through the Gulf of Mexico up until April.


A barracuda is a large, predatory ray-finned fish with a fearsome appearance that can often be found off the Florida Gulf Coast.

Top Types of Fishing in the Florida Gulf Coast

There are so many different environments in the Florida Gulf Coast which make it perfect for many styles of fishing.

Reef Fishing from the Boat

There are all kinds of artificial reefs a couple of miles from the shore, where you and your friends can get grouper, king mackerel, snapper, and lots of sharks.

Fishing Offshore

You can also try an offshore trip. 20 miles out into the Gulf, you can find amberjack, barracuda, massive grouper and snapper, among others.

Barracuda Fishing

Barracuda fishing is a must-do in this part of the world. Barracuda numbers have been declining, so there might be catch limits imposed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Florida Gulf Coast Fishing Seasons

The Florida Gulf Coast offers excellent fishing conditions every month of the year.



During January in the Florida Gulf Coast, there is good bottom fishing for snapper offshore.



Bottom fishing for reef fish and amberjack is one of the best options in February.



Temperatures start climbing and reef fish come out of hibernation and can be found much closer to the coastal areas.



April in the Florida Gulf Coast is a popular time to go bottom fishing for snapper and grouper.



May is one of the best months for all kinds of offshore fishing for pelagic fish in the Florida Gulf Coast.



June is a good month for fishing in the Florida Gulf Coast. The waters are teeming with fish and you can catch a tasty dinner of snook or redfish.



You can expect the days to be hot and wet, so make sure to go fishing either early in the morning or later in the afternoon.



While the heat remains in August, you will face afternoon showers almost daily. They may stir up the water a bit, but the fish are out there still. It will just take a bit more patience to catch them.



Snook fishing is good and you can find them near mangroves around the bays. Pompano fishing is also great fun, but it can be hard to find them sometimes.



Inshore fishing is one of the best things to do in October in the Florida Gulf Coast.



During November in the Florida Gulf Coast, troll for pelagics and do some bay and bottom fishing.



Temperatures are cooler in the Florida Gulf Coast, but they are still very warm compared to the rest of the country, which makes for memorable fishing outings.

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