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The Best Seaside Fishing Charters in Seaside

Seaside is a small resort area in northwest Florida, right on the Gulf of Mexico. It is best known for its late-20th-century New Urbanist design, as well as pastel-colored houses with wide porches and white picket fences. There is a series of striking pavilions marking the access points to the long sandy beach.

Several shops and restaurants cluster around the town center. Just west of town, you'll find Grayton Beach State Park, with plenty of trails and a coastal dune lake.

Fishing in Seaside

Seaside is an excellent place for fishing. Here are three of the most popular places to fish in Seaside.

Grayton Beach State Park

This beach park includes forested shores on the edge of the 100-acre Western Lake. The northern shore can be seen from the highway as it crosses over into the coastal village of Watercolor. This lake has close proximity to the gulf, only separated by high dunes with a creek that opens and closes due to tidal action.

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Tucker Bayou

Tucker Bayou, just past Eden Gardens State Park, is a local fishing secret. You can use the small boat ramp and a dock for your Seaside fishing charter. One interesting fact is that the dock is where the ferry scene in The Truman Show was filmed.

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Hogtown Bayou

Hogtown Bayou is one of the most popular fishing spots in Seaside. The big boat ramp makes it easy for boats to get in and out and the park-style grounds are great for families. There are clean restrooms, covered picnic tables, and even a playground. Take the whole family here for a day of adventure.

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Best Places to Fish in Seaside

Sail your Seaside fishing charter to all of these top fishing spots.

Gulf Fishing

Gigging for flounder is an exciting and rewarding type of fishing, which is actually more like hunting. You simply stand on the boat and shine some underwater lights. Then, take a five-prong spear and try to poke it through the flounder in the water. Flounder often lay flat on the bottom, which makes them easy to see with the lights.

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Coastal Dune Lakes

Sail your Seaside fishing charter to one of the 15 coastal dune lakes in the area. Here, you can catch all kinds of fresh and saltwater fish. Coastal dune lakes only exist in a few areas of the world. Bass and bream are some freshwater fish in these coastal dune lakes, but trout, flounder, and some other saltwater species can also be found.

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Surf Fishing

Surf fishing on the beach is one of the most popular ways to catch fish in Seaside. Topsail Hill Preserve State Park sometimes offers a Surf Fishing Class. If you find that you need bait and tackle, pay a visit to Stinky’s Bait Shack in Dune Allen.

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How to Fish in Seaside, Florida

When you charter a boat in Seaside, here are some things to consider.


Fishing Style

Consider what type of fishing you are going to be doing. If you plan on surf fishing, the kind of bait and tackle that you need to get might be very different than if you are fishing in the coastal dune lakes.


Fishing Areas

Choose the fishing areas that are most convenient for the type of fishing you’ll be doing. Do the research into where you’d like to go before you set sail. Then, simply enjoy the calm waters and ride along the gentle waves.


Special Licenses

You can pull in both saltwater and freshwater fish at Grayton Beach State Park. Some species might include bass, bream, catfish, white speckled trout, redfish and flounder. A fishing license covering three days is available for $17 while one for seven days costs about $30.

Types of Fish in Seaside

If you have decided on a fishing trip to Seaside, there are so many spectacular species of fish you can catch.


These fish thrive in lakes, ponds, and rivers, particularly below dams. Bream eat mostly insects and their larvae, but worms are the best bait, either for bottom fishing or suspended below a float. Bream spawn throughout the summer, and anglers may find up to 40 shallow nest holes scooped out in shallow areas.


Catfish are scaleless fish with "whiskers" (actually called barbels), and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. These fish can be tasty, but they also have dorsal and pectoral fin spines that can produce a painful sting.


These fish have impressive strength and extreme adaptability. They are usually copper above and silver below, with a large black spot at the base of the upper tailfin and along the lower back above the lateral line.

Top Types of Fishing in Seaside, Florida

When you charter a fishing boat in Seaside, here are a few of the different kinds of fishing you can do.

Fishing from a Kayak

Whether you are looking for catfish or bream, you might find the fishing easier in the shallower waters if you set off on a kayak.

Coastal Fishing

Drop anchor from your Seaside fishing charter near the shore. Simply fish and wade through the shallow waters near the coastline.

Dune Lakes

Explore the exotic coastal dune lakes beside the glittering gulf. This is a rare experience because these dune lakes are not often found in other places.

Seaside, Florida Fishing Seasons

Fishing in Seaside can be a real joy during every season of the year.



Do some bottom fishing as you sail your Seaside fishing charter far offshore.



Drop anchor from your Seaside fishing charter near the shore and fish especially for catfish and redfish.



The water temperatures start to rise in March and Seaside’s waters start filling up with fish.



A few of the most common catches off Seaside during the month of April can be redfish and even king mackerel.



May can be one of the best months for offshore fishing and pulling in trophy catches like huge specimens of blue marlin.



This is a good month to anchor your fishing charter off the coast, drop a few lines into the water, and simply see what happens.



July is the perfect time to fish for red snappers and tarpon from your Seaside fishing charter.



You'll find pelagic fish like groupers and snappers off the coast of Seaside in August.



The weather in Seaside is slightly cooler, but some pelagic fish still swim just a few miles from the shore.



October is a good time to cruise the waters on your Seaside fishing charter and do some trolling behind the boat.



Try some bottom fishing again in November from your Seaside fishing charter.



Temperatures may be a little chilly during the mornings and evenings, but midday fishing trips can still be great fun during December.

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